World’s Best Cocktails (Updated October 2020)

Who doesn’t love an artfully garnished cocktail that tastes as fascinating as it looks? What’s amazing about cocktails is that you are only limited to your imagination as the monthly roundups we do about the best cocktails show. Treat yourself to new and inspiring cocktails each month, made and garnished with some things you may haven’t even thought possible. Have you seen a blue gin and tonic? Or a cocktail served in a fish-shaped glass? Have you made a cocktail in an instant pot cooker? You will discover all of these in the articles we publish every first Monday of the month starting August of 2020. These are some of the best cocktails from our collaborators and top-performing cocktails as shared in our IG account @advancedmixology. Watch out for more every month. 

We have also included the recipes for these cocktails and links to the creator’s IG account and website so you can check them if you need more inspiration.  

Best Cocktails of October 2020

Take a look at the best cocktails of October 2020 here. 

First on the list is the blended margarita by @thesocialsipper. If you are a tea lover, you will love to try the Riff  I Do Say So Myself by @chenaholic. G&T lovers would love to indulge in some color-changing G&T by @gin_to_my_tonic or Dragonfruit and Pomegranate G&T by @helGinKi. Layer cocktails never go old so try this purple and yellow layered one by @mixologist_world. Tequila lover? You won’t be disappointed by the tequila cocktail creations of @kalaveras. For the adventurous, try the Passionate Ginger Whiskey by @cooking_with_wine. Coffee lovers will truly rejoice over the espresso martini created by @robin.navarro.bartender  included in this roundup. If you have time and muscles to spare, don’t skimp on the milk-clarified cocktail by @aj_cabinfever and Ramos Fizz creation by @forcocktailsake. 

Best Cocktails of September 2020

Take a look at the best cocktails of September 2020 here. 

For the September issue, the cocktails are more playful and inventive. Take the Flowers by Mancino Vermouth, a simple highball glass cocktail made more interesting with the addition of elderflower and rose cordial and elderflower tonic. Redtini by Patrick Allen Reynolds can be any classic cocktail, photographed beautifully with a lovely red backdrop highlighted with natural light coming through slats. Bid adieu to summer with these fruity and flowery cocktails: Strawberry Watermelon Gin Cooler by @moodymixologist, Gin and Mango Mint Cocktail by @drinks__brazel_official, Strawberry Grapefruit Summer Sipper by @apartment_bartender, CocoBerry Refresher by @tipitbackcocktails, Walking on a Dream by @greatestgin of House of Junipers, Rosé Rhubarb Spritz by, Aperol Sour by @roberts_barkultur, and Complimentary G&T by @recipesbydebbie. These are all vibrant and enticingly delicious cocktails you can recreate and improve in the comforts of your own home. Who knows? You might be on our next roundups!

Best Cocktails of August 2020

Take a look at the best cocktails of August 2020 here. 

For the premier issue published in the first week of August, we have included classic cocktails such as Gin Gin Mule by @fiftypoundsgin, Spicy Daisy from The Doral Yard, Rum Punch as featured in the Drink TV, and Caprice by Georgi Petrov. Another classic, the iiCing Sunset by iiCing Flavor Shot is a riff on the tequila sunset. For the most innovative cocktails, try the Instant Pot Limoncello by the Corrie Cooks website, Spring Fling by Fern Bar, Fugu by Javier de las Muelas, Rose in the Clover by @whats.marisa.drinking, and the Strawberry Gin by @duplex401. Of these, the fugu is the most interesting, not only the serving style but also the ingredients. 

Nominations Open 

Want to nominate yourself or somebody else for our next roundup? Drop us a note at We promise your email is not going into a black hole and we will respond within 48 hours. 

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