Bars can feel a bit empty if all the supplies are hidden in the back room. Bar shelves help display your best products to the customers, and it can even affect their orders. This can also fill up space and stimulate the customer's view.

Wall Mounted Vs. Floor Shelves


Wall-mounted shelves are installed in one area, which can be a bit annoying when you plan to redecorate your bar. On the other hand, floor shelves are easy to move around. You can also lift small shelves to a platform for a better display.


You can utilize your vertical space with wall-mounted shelves, and this can also fill up space, which makes the room appear fuller. Floor shelves often take space which can hinder the flow of the area if not done correctly.


Building floor shelves is more accessible than wall-mount since you have to consider the wall, weight, and shelf level. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Safety Tips for Storing Liquor

Away from Direct Sunlight

UV rays can damage alcohol if stored directly in front of it. It can change the drink’s color, consistency, and taste since heat can potentially cook it.

Stored at Room Temperature

You can chill your liquor, but this doesn't necessarily prolong its shelf life. Storing hard liquor such as whiskey at room temperature can keep it from going bad. 

Secured Spot

Active areas of the bar should be liquor-free. If your establishments allow children, be sure to keep liquor where they can't reach them. Corner tables tend to be the rowdiest area since it's far away from view.

Expensive Displays

Be wary of where you display your expensive bottles since they are vulnerable to theft and breakage. Most bars and restaurants would have an empty bottle shown to avoid such incidents.