We Wish This Color-Changing Gin Is Available in the US

A few blogs ago, we’ve reported how the world’s best whiskey can be found at Aldi’s, a global retail chain famous for its affordable range of in-house products from food to beverage and even household items.

We don’t know how much more excitement we can take but Aldi has just released an alcoholic beverage we are again dying to get our hands on - a limited-edition color-changing gin! Tragically, just as it was with Aldi’s award-winning whiskies, it won’t be available in the States, just yet.  

The Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin, is actually Aldi’s second collaboration with the Scottish distillery, McQueen, and Aldi has high expectations for this one-of-a-kind, limited-edition alcoholic beverage. We are, too. If only we can try a glass of it, as well.

Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin

Yes, our hearts are broken that we are missing out on a tonic that could have given us hundreds of likes on our Instagram accounts. But first, the facts. Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin’s cerulean liquid dramatically turns a rosy pink hue when mixed in with other spirits or garnish.

But what makes this gin so magical that it not only makes us crave for its taste but its outstanding aesthetic qualities as well? But as whimsical as it sounds, there is actually a simpler explanation for it.

From Blue to Pink

So, how does the Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin actually change its colour? It’s definitely not magic nor is the gin made from harmful chemicals. In fact, the reason is actually more prosaic. It all boils down to the nature of one of the gin’s main ingredients, the Asian butterfly flower.

During the distillery process, the flower’s blue petals turn pink when their PH levels change. The shade of pink depends on what is added to the gin. In fact, according to McQueen’s co-founder, Dale McQueen: ‘Add a squeeze of lime first and see what shade of pink the gin goes, then add the tonic and it will change again.’

Picture Perfect

It sounds just about perfect, right? Imagine how impressed your friends would be if you serve them an awesome glass of gin and tonic with the Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin. We bet everyone’s Instagram and Boomerang apps will be busy capturing how the liquid quickly morphs from a gorgeous sapphire blue to a bright pink hue.

But what about its taste? You need not worry because the Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin is likewise distilled using “forest fruits” which gives it its wonderful and delicious fruity flavor.

More Than Just a Pretty Gin

This artisan’s delicious fruity flavor proves that not only is the Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin a sight to behold, it tastes just as great as it looks as well.

Unfortunately, Forest Fruits Colour Changing Gin is only available in Aldi stores across Scotland where it fetches for £19.99 a bottle. But we can always dream, right?


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  • Sherry Scott on

    Can you get McQueen Forest Fruits Gin anywhere in the U.S.?

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