Security is vital to have not only for nightclubs but for any bar or restaurant establishment. Security measures aren't just velvet ropes or colorful wristbands, but they also include personnel, exits, permits, and first aid.

Security personnel can deal with rowdy customers, dangerous visitors and keep an eye on your night shift employees. Security accessories can help customers distinguish exclusive areas and employees-only areas for the safety of both parties.

How to Include Proper Security Measures in Your Bar

Basic Provisions

It's important to remember the fundamental laws and the license requirements for you to sell alcohol. These requirements are business licenses, certificate of occupancy, liquor license, resale permit, food service license, food handler's permit, signage permit, and seller's permit.

Security Personnel

Hiring security personnel can keep your bar safe. You can hire an agency that does their security check on the people they employ or hire directly. Security jobs in a barn are usually called bouncers, doormen, or floor men.

The advantage of agencies is that you can get the person hired replaced immediately if his performance wasn't up to par, but you have to pay the agency, which can be expensive. Direct hire means you're in charge of their salary, but it also means you have to count on your judgment of people.

Fire Exits

Every respectable business establishment requires a fire exit. Exit routes should go directly outside the building or in a refuge area. Doors should be wide and open outwards to avoid people from trampling each other.

First Aid Arrangements

Working with alcohol can be a hazardous job. Events like flair bartending, parties, and rowdy drunks can lead to a lot of accidents. It's best to have a few employees first aid trained and a first aid kit on hand for emergencies.