Best Cocktail Blogs and Websites

31 Best Cocktail Blogs & Websites You Should Visit In 2023

Best Cocktail Blogs and Websites

There are so many great cocktail blogs out there on the web. But we know that looking at them individually can be taxing. So to save you some time, we put together a list of the best cocktail websites.

Some of these cocktail blogs are well-known and others are hidden treasures. We focused mainly on websites that can help you prepare cocktails at home for parties or even just for yourself.

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The Best Cocktail Websites & Cocktail Blogs

1. Cocktail Hammer

Cocktail Hammer website

Looking to get hammered? Say hello to Cocktail Hammer. Their tagline is “Stay home, get hammered,” and that really says it all. Cocktail Hammer is a great website for those specifically looking to make drinks from the comfort of their own home.

The website is owned and operated by two U.S. military veterans with a passion for all things cocktails. They cover not only cocktails but also spirits and product reviews. You are going to want to keep up with this fast-growing cocktail blog.

2. Drizly

Drizzly website

When it comes to drinking alcoholic beverages, Drizly has everything you need and more! Their online store has a wide range of products and their blog features the best tips and informative articles in the industry, such as running your bar and managing your business.

3. The Drink Blog

The Drink Blog website

This cocktail blog gets right to it - no fluff, no messing around. Just great cocktail recipes and stories behind them. Cocktail blogger and writer, Morgan, and photographer, Alice, make a great combo as they pair some of the tastiest drinks with incredible photos.

4. The Tipsy Bartender

The Tipsy Bartender website

The Tipsy Bartender offers great cocktail recipes all the time, but one of this cocktail blog's coolest features is “My Liquor Cabinet.” Just type in the alcohol you have on hand and voilà! The blog magically generates a list of great cocktails you can make.

5. Imbibe Magazine

Imbibe Magazine website

Yes, this is an actual print magazine they still exist!

Imbibe Magazine presents great ideas for mixed drinks as well as reviews of beer and wine. There’s even a section on non-alcoholic beverages. Even though the print version contains more, the website still offers tons of amazing content.

6. Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail website

Tales of the Cocktail is a bit different from other blogs. This isn’t just about drink reviews or recipes, but the Tales of the Cocktail event and other great liquor gatherings around the world. They tell the stories of bartenders, talk about the history of spirits, and present news from around the industry.

7. Punch

Punch website

Punch is an online magazine that not only delves into great cocktails but also fantastic guides to 22 cities around the world. From Charleston to Milan to Hong Kong, they have it all! Punch Magazine has been awarded the James Beard recognition so you know it’s quality content.

8. Australian Bartender

Australian Bartender website

This pick comes from Down Under. They offer great cocktail recipes and fantastic case studies from around the industry. But one of the neatest sections of this blog is their talk about sustainable bartending. It’s an entire section talking about environmental responsibility and how everyone can take part in it.

9. Intoxicology

Intoxicology website

Do you know how many dashes in an ounce? Or how many ounces in a mickey? It’s great to find a conversion table on a cocktail website alongside tons of great drinks - many of which seem to be timed for holidays and events like the Oscars. A great way to prepare in a timely fashion.

10. Craft and Cocktails

Craft and Cocktails website

Blogger, Ashley Rose Conway, isn’t running a big business on her cocktail blog. But this bartender’s daughter says she’s “always in search of the perfect drink”. Dozens of drinks can be found in her website’s index that shows diverse themes and alcohol categories. Keep up the search, Ashley. We’re enjoying your journey!

11. Simple Cocktails

Simple Cocktails website

The name says it all. And this may be what you want: cocktails that are easy to make and confidently whip up as part of your repertoire. A great list of cocktail recipes running from 43 & V to Yellowbird, accompanied by their podcast where you can hear more of the story behind the drinks.

12. Thirsty Camel Cocktails

Thirsty Camel Cocktails website

Brainstorming new ideas and topics for a cocktail blog can be tough. But blogger, Carla, does a great job of publishing several recipes a week and great bar reviews. Thirsty Camel Cocktails is a great website to visit if you want to get inspired.

13. Proof Cocktails

Proof Cocktails website

Andy at Proof Cocktails puts an updated spin on many classic drinks. It’s another entry geared specifically for the home bartender, not the pro. He encourages everyone to expand their library of classic drinks. In the simplest ways, he also makes us realize that it’s possible to mix a lot of great cocktails without complicating things.

14. Beautiful Booze

Beautiful Booze website

Natalie started this cocktail blog because she couldn’t find recipes for the home bartender. There’s a lot of blogs in the field out there, but she’s led the way and now has over 450 cocktails recipes all of which look great. Definitely worth a regular visit to expand your horizons.

15. Drinking with Chickens

Drinking with Chickens website

There’s no hidden meaning in that name. Kate loves to sip on a great drink in her garden with her chickens all around her that part may not be for everyone. But the great stories and amazing cocktail recipes she shares are relatable to all.

16. Arsenic Lace

Arsenic Lace website

Natalie’s blog covers a lot of areas, not just cocktails. But our favorites are the drink recipes and the boozy treats for when your sweet tooth is bugging you. A bartender herself, Natalie gives us some amazing and delicious drink ideas.

17. The Straight Up

The Straight Up website

The Straight Up’s subtitle is “pre-prohibition cocktails and modern twists on classics”. They bring us a great blend of old, favorite, and classic cocktails. Even those that our great-grandfathers may have enjoyed but are lost in the annals of time. If you want to learn a bit of history and appreciate the timelessness of great drinks, visit this cocktail blog.

18. A Bar Above

A Bar Above Website

A Bar Above, run by Chris & Julia Tunstall, is a great resource for bartenders, bar owners, and anyone interested in breaking into the business. It is also a great website for anyone who wants to learn more about the trade, history, and how the business all comes together. They even offer online courses in mixology!

19. website

This site covers all things liquor. They’ve got cocktail recipes, brand reviews, and city guides. also features blogs about the industry, bartenders, and what to drink at home or at the bar. It’s a huge and thorough website that you should bookmark.

20. Difford’s Guide for Discerning Drinkers

Difford’s Guide for Discerning Drinkers website

This is a fantastic blog for taking notes on great cocktail ideas. There are sections specifically designed for bartenders, but a large part of the website is for general interest. This cocktail blog features great drinks and tells the stories behind them. They also offer great variations of the same recipe. Fantastic resource!

21. The Alcohol Professor

The Alcohol Professor website

The website’s tagline is “The Class You Always Wanted to Take”, which is an apt description. It not only covers cocktails but also spirits, wine, and beer. There is even a blog entry on the history of ice and it’s way more interesting than you’d expect.

22. Bevvy

Bevvy website

Great cocktail recipes? Tips on how to become a pro bartender? Check! These are standout qualities of Bevvy. 

But one of the pages we found unique and cool is their “Who’s who in booze” which features short bios of some of the most influential people in the industry, including website founders, writers, bartenders, owners, and even distillers.

23. Cocktails and Bars

Cocktails and Bars website

Another great website from Australia, Cocktails and Bars offers tons of great cocktail recipes and how-to guides. They also have some great interviews, news in the world of liquor, and guides to bars in different cities around the world.

24. Cocktail Wonk

Cocktail Wonk website

As websites go, Cocktail Wonk looks pretty basic. But function matters more than form, and Matt Pietrek presents a ton of news and recipes in this cocktail blog. He’s also got some fantastic bar reviews from his travels jumping easily around the US and international destinations.

25. Cold Glass

Cold Glass website

Judging by the name, this has to be a beer blog, right? Not!

Blogger Doug Ford says he’s not a bartender, but he enjoys fine drinks and can never get enough of their cold temperature. So, he sees to it that he shares as many recipes and reviews on spirits as he can. Thank you, Doug!

26. Barina Craft

Barina Craft website

Barina Craft has some unique cocktail recipes, but one of the great parts of this website is its feature on home bar ideas. They also show off some pretty cool looking equipment and other furnishings that you can add to your bar. Plus, this cocktail blog has a nice section of jokes and cartoons focused on bars and drinking.

27. Home Bar Basics

Home Bar Basics website

Home Bar Basics is great when you’re serious about learning to set up and run your home bar. With cocktail recipes for 12 basic drinks and many “non-basics” (as they put it), you’ll be off to a flying start. There are also tips on how to run the party whether you’re at home or on the road.

The Cookie Rookie website

For all newbie spirit lovers out there, this blog was founded by someone who wanted to document her journey from being a clueless cook into an amazing blogger with more than a million Facebook fans! 

This cocktail website is easy to navigate with its carefully curated and categorized list of drinks. It also contains some amazing food recipes that pair well with the drinks.

29. CocktailSafe

Cocktails Safe website

You can make out the purpose of the website from the name itself. CocktailSafe is dedicated to teaching you about all the safe cocktail ingredients you can mix with your drinks. 

Making cocktails is a fun experience but since many of us are fond of experimenting, we may never know when something goes wrong that can cause poisoning. Thankfully, we have this cocktail website to guide us through the process.

30. Stir and Strain

Stir and Strain website

Stir and Strain is run by Elana who has a background in photography. On this website, you will find a lot of cocktail recipes and ways to create a fun drinking experience. It's an interactive cocktail blog wherein the stunning pictures of beverages will surely make your mouth water.

31. Booze Nerds

Boozer Nerds Website

Booze Nerds was founded by Christa and her husband Shaun who consider themselves mad behind drinking. The website has a dedicated section for cocktails where you can find their variation of drinks. And for someone new to cocktails, you can also check out their booze glossary.

What Makes This List of Cocktail Blogs Special?

We love cocktails and are always on the hunt for the best cocktail blogs that feature our well-loved drinks. Be sure to explore these featured websites, try the drinks they offer, and find great tips for running your home bar.

You can even find great bars to visit when you’re out of town! This is by no means a complete list. There are many more fantastic cocktail blogs out there. We just wanted to highlight some of our favorite cocktail websites and give you the chance to discover them.

If you want to start your own cocktail blog, here are some tips for staying productive and motivatedWant to share other cocktail blogs you love to follow? Comment down below.

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