Juice pourers help busy bars from having to chop and squeeze fresh juice during a busy night. You can prepare juice at the start of your shift if the bar is bustling with customers during the late hours, but what kind of juices should you prepare?

There are different kinds of juices you can use for a drink. They have their own effect, flavor, and health benefits.

Juices You Can Prepare at the Bar

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the popular fruits used for most cocktails. They’re refreshing and rich in vitamin C. Freshly squeezed lemon juice can last 2-3 days when it’s refrigerated. Popular lemon-based drinks are whiskey sours and lemon drops.

  • Lime Juice

Lime is the second most popular fruit to be used in cocktails. Lime brings a more bitter flavor to cocktails. Freshly squeezed lime juice can last for 2-3 days when it’s refrigerated. A classic daiquiri and vodka gimlet is one of the famous lime-based cocktails.

  • Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the sweetest citrus fruits, and it’s popular for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Freshly squeezed orange juice lasts 2-3 days when refrigerated. If you want to start your morning brunch, a newly made mimosa will pick you right up.

  • Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is often used for tropical-themed cocktails. It has a sweet and sour taste and is rich in vitamin A.

Freshly made pineapple juice can last 2-3 days when refrigerated, but you can refill your pourers with store-bought pineapple juice, which can last 7 days. If you like Pina colada or other beach-themed drinks, keep this juice in your pantry.

  • Apple Juice

Apples are great for one’s health and can be a good ingredient for some cocktails. Appletinis and Margaritas are great examples. Freshly made apple juice can last 3-5 days when refrigerated.