5 Essential Tips To Revamp Cocktail Drink Representation And Preparation

5 Essential Tips To Revamp Cocktail Drink Representation And Preparation

, by Randy Woodward

No one can deny the importance of
visual appeal when it comes to food consumables. A similar phenomenon applies to cocktail drinks as well, even with greater intensity. Cocktail drinks are notorious for the characteristic flashy look that makes them so appetizing. Whether it is the sharp crimson of a bloody mary or the elegant green of mint-infused drink, paying attention to visual detail while preparing is set to refine your drink-making skill.

If you are looking to heighten your customer’s cocktail experience then proper presentation and preparation are key, and we have just the right tips for you.

Ice It Up

Cocktails aren’t any good if not chilled, and this is what makes such an important staple in any drink serving business. The choice of the type of ice determines the type of drink you are making or the customer’s preference. Ice comes in three forms: cubed, cracked, and shaved. While cubes last for a longer time and can chill cocktails to a greater extent, they have the drawback of making the drink too watery and compromise a percentage of its flavor.

Due to this drawback, the popularity of shaved ice has increased manifold. Initially, shaved ice was popular in snow cones but now it is routinely featured in some delicious cocktails. To make sure that your cocktail bar doesn’t run out of a sustained supply of shaved ice, you can check out some recommended shaved ice machines.

Keep Serving Sizes Small

Bigger is not really better when it comes to cocktail drink servings. Smaller servings have numerous benefits. First, you can make a larger batch of a cocktail mix and can serve multiple customers at the same time. Smaller servings also allow you to smartly price the drinks so that they attract customers and allow you to increase revenue.

Smaller serving sizes also have the benefit of staying cold for a longer period of time, so that your customers can harness the true joy of drinking a cold and delicious cocktail. Lastly, the logistics of managing smaller glasses are considerably easy, when compared to its larger counterpart.

Add Dimensions Through Garnish

In order to make your cocktail a visual treat, garnishes are essential. With the addition of mint leaves, thinly sliced orange peels, and a fancy umbrella straw, you can enable customers to enjoy the festive spirit, which is what they are paying for. If you are looking to play extra fancy, you can also salt the rim, infuse spices in the drink, and add the extra kick of lemon. This will make sure that the customers enjoy the whole process: watching you prepare the drink as well as relish the taste afterward. For more ideas on garnishes, be sure to check here

Use Specialised Equipment

This tip cannot be stressed enough. Making cocktail drinks is a science, and every science is improved by its fair share of tools and accessories.  To make sure that you prepare perfect cocktails, your bar or pub should be stocked up with essential tools such as a jigger for accurate measurements, a shaker, and a strainer. These tools also guarantee sustained quality and taste to customers, giving them a strong reason to come back for more of the same.

Regulate Glass And Drink Temperature

When its time to pour a cocktail into a glass, you need to make sure that the glass has relatively the same temperature as the drink. This is necessary to maintain taste, freshness, and quality until the last drop. For a drink that is enjoyed most when cold, keep the glass in the freezer or keep it iced for a good amount of time before the drink is poured in.

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