Customized glassware is a great personalized gift you can make. They’re great for birthday parties, weddings and holiday presents, to name a few. But not many know exactly what to put in customized glassware.

With customized glassware, your only limit is your imagination. You can place anything on champagne, beer, or whiskey glasses. If you can think of it, then it is possible! Keep in mind that personalized items can be expensive as the product is only catered to a specific person such as friends, parents, spouses, or co-workers.

What to Put in Your Customized Glassware?

  • Quotes
  • Weddings are all about love and commitment. Putting a quote in a glass can be an excellent reminder for newlyweds, or it can be a nice token for guests. You can put quotes on a glass as a gift to the lovely couple or a giveaway at your wedding.

  • Dates
  • Important dates can mean so much to a person. You can add anniversaries, birthdays, first dates, or memorable events. This will feel sincere to the receiver because it shows that you care and remember that special day.

  • Artwork
  • Beautiful artwork from an artist or yourself can be greatly appreciated by the receiver. You can make something they love, like a beloved pet or favorite hobby, etched on the glass.

  • Name
  • Some people like seeing their names on items. You can have one customized for yourself or a couple who just moved in together. It’ll look cute for social media pictures, and you know no one else is going to use it but you.

  • Inside Jokes
  • Close friends and family usually have inside jokes. Have a phrase or joke printed on the glasses and give it to your loved one. We guarantee a good chuckle will come out of it.