10 Must Have Glasses For Your Home Bar


Once you have a few cocktail recipes down pat, it’s time to invest in some fine glassware. Show off your knowledge of art of mixology and the traditions behind the glassware and the cocktails they enhance.

10 Best Must Have Home Bar Glasses

1. Rocks (Double Old Fashioned)


    This truly is a must for all lovers of tan liquors. The double old fashioned (which also comes as a single and even a triple) is a staple gentleman and ladies looking to tip a glass back with sophistication.

    The rocks glass is best for drinks that you build within the glass. By this we mean without using a cocktail shaker or mixing glass to mix the ingredients. A nice set of these makes a fantastic Christmas, graduation, or 21st birthday gift.

    Cocktails you can serve in this glass are:

    • Old Fashioned
    • Sazerac
    • Negroni (when served on ice)

    2. Collins (Highball)


      Would a cocktail by any other glass taste as sweet? Debatable. This stemware is known by many names from the Collins, Delmonico, and the highball. Each glass has a slightly different capacity but they all have that characteristic “chimney shape”. These are great for cocktails that require lots of ice.

      Some of our favorites to serve in Collins glasses are:

      • Gin fizz
      • Gimlet
      • Tom Collins (the cocktail that named the glass after all!)

      3. Coupe glass (this works double duty as a martini glass)


        Couple glasses were originally the trendy apartments where champagne lived and was served until the higher end flute came along. Drinkers found that the coupe glass released bubbles to evaporation before the sparkle reaches the mouth. Thus the coupe was refashioned as a lovely, less shaky alternative to the martini glass. Ever notice how easy it is to spill a martini after a little too much celebration? No need to give up the fun. Just use this stemware instead. The coupe has a charming old Hollywood feel to it and is a wonderful option for serving.

        Cocktails that live in this glass are:

        • Martini
        • Manhattan
        • Brooklyn
        • Daiquiri
        • Sidecar

        4. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs


          This is one of our favorites. Cold, shiny, and recognizable, this mug is the perfect container to keep a refreshing drink and make a statement. The Moscow Mule also laid the foundation for Instagram (sort of). One of the inventors of the Moscow Mule was Smirnoff owner John Martin. He always kept his finger on the pulse of new trends and bought one of the newest inventions in 1947, the Polaroid. After the birth of the Moscow Mule, Martin photographed people drinking it in these mugs at his friend’s bar, the Cock N’ Bull, and began circulating the photographs to spread the word. Here’s the whole story.  

          No matter what kind of glass, be sure to raise it for a toast. Each of these glasses was selected specifically to complement the cocktails they served and to celebrate the people drinking from them. 

          5. Flute

          A flute Cocktail glass may be one of the most popular and a more widely recognizable glass of all times. It’s rather a statement of having your martini in a cocktail glass. If you are someone who loves drinking mimosa then you are going to have a great time enjoying this type of glass and having this in the collection of your home bar glasses is a no brainer. These glasses are delicate and best for drinks that have a certain sense of aroma in them. Since they are not for a quick shot, you can use them for drinks that have carbonation since there is less surface area for CO2 to come out.

          Cocktails that go best in Flute are:

          • Mimosa Drink
          • Cherry Bubblecake
          • Sour Champagne
          • Kir Imperial
          • Bloody Smurf
          • Poinsettia

          6. Wine Goblet

          A wine goblet is something you may have seen in movies based on ancient themes. They have always had a classic touch and no matter what you drink in them, you are sure to get a regal feel to your posture. They have a very distinct mouth opening and can be used for heavier wines like ice wines, ports or even sherries.

          Cocktails that go best in Flute are

          • Extrakt Tonic
          • Absolut Moabit
          • Rhubarb Juice and Soda
          • Absolut Juice Rhubarb Spritz
          • Apple Spritz

          7. Pilsner

          A pilsner is a special type of pale lager and it derives its name from the Czech city of pilsen. A pilsen glass is usually used for light beers which include pale lager and pilsen. You should definitely have this in your home bar glass collection. They can serve multiple purposes and you can even serve many of your cocktails and mocktails in them. What sets them apart is that you get to appreciate the whole look and feel of your drink from top to bottom.

          Drinks served in Pilsner Glasses

          • Budweiser
          • Pilsner beer
          • Wheat Beers
          • Root beer

          8. Pitcher

          A pitcher glass is essentially a container to store your cocktail or any other drink. It has a large size compared to other glasses since its the one that pours your drink into other glasses. Sometimes a pitcher is also used to drink something in a gulp. You may see them as usual at the bars but if you are someone who often hosts parties and beer nights at your home then it should become part of your home bar glass collection. Since these pitchers are very strong in terms of build quality, you can pour anything from beers to normal water.

          Drinks served in Pitchers

          • Beers
          • Cocktails
          • Mocktails

          9. Shot Glass

          Shot glasses are used for drinks that belong to the category of drinks that you would consume in one go. They are normally used for vodka and other hard drinks since its not something you would consume in sips. A standard size single shot is usually of 1.5 US fl oz or 44 ml. You will be amazed to know that the word shot came from the german chemist Friedrich Otto Schott. Whether you are having a fun time with your friends at home or just playing a game of vodka shots. Shot glasses are something you should consider for your glass collection at home. They do come very handy for parties and potlucks.

          Drinks served in Shot Glasses

          • Vodka
          • B-52
          • Red Headed Drink
          • Pineapple juice shot
          • Fruit Punch shots

          10. Single Rocks Glass

          You can relate them as whiskey glasses since you might have seen them mostly used for whiskey. Though they do come in a variety of size but the one mostly used is between 8-10oz. These contain drinks that are most time consuming. You would require a good amount of time to gulp them down. That being said, you should invest in a single rocks glass that has a heavy bottom so that its always good to hold them for long hours.

          Drinks served in single rocks glass

          • Bourbon based drinks
          • Single malt whiskey


          If you are someone who loves to savor their drinks then you are sure also going to invest in some high quality home bar glass collection. Not only is a perfect glass required for a certain type of drink but it also enhances the experience of drinking a particular drink. We put together a list of 10 must have glasses for your home bar. At advanced mixology, we are proud of our collection and hope you give us an opportunity to serve.

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