Hot Buttered Rum Recipe: A Treat for the Holiday Season

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

The countdown has started, and sometime soon you'll see the festive decorations all around, even snow falling to the ground! Ready for the holidays? Get yourself well-equipped (and cozy!) for the season by preparing everyone's favorite holiday drink-Hot Buttered Rum

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The warmth and sweetness of this drink is what everyone needs during the bitter winter days. If you've only heard about it now, know that some say this drink-that is often associated to Hot Toddy-is quite complex. Don't worry, we've written down everything you need! Here's how you can prepare Hot Buttered Rum:

Hot Buttered Rum Ingredients:

For the batter: For the drink:

Hot Buttered Rum Preparation:

  1. To prepare the buttered rum batter, put all ingredients into a bowl and mix them together. Electric mixer is the best equipment to use in doing so. 
  2. Pour the butter mixture into a plastic container and freeze for at least one hour. 
  3. Prepare the boiling water while waiting and remove from heat.
  4. Now, grab your mugs. Put one scoop of the rum batter in every mug.
  5. Add aged rum and boiling water. 
  6. Finally, garnish with a cinnamon stick. Whipped cream may also be used. 
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Did You Know?

Hot Buttered Rum, like Hot Toddy, is also popular because it is said to have medicinal properties that can relieve flu.

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Recipe Variations

If you're looking for something that can make your drink extra special, then you might want to try these recipes! 

Know Your Ingredients!

This cocktail may have a lot of ingredients, but they're pretty easy to find! In fact, some of them are probably sitting in your fridge right now!  For the batter:  For the drink:
  • Aged rum - Colored rum that has been aged in a barrel for several years. 
  • Cinnamon stick - The perfect garnish that's also suitable for the season. 

Bar Accessories 

Hot Buttered Rum uses more common kitchen utensils than actual bar accessories, as listed below:
  • Stainless Mixing Bowls - These bowls are easy to clean and have wide rims, perfect for cooking, baking and in preparing Hot Buttered Rum batter! 
  • Whisk - In the absence of electric mixers, non-slip whisks are recommended to make mixing the ingredients for the batter easier. 
  • Freezer Container - Long-lasting and convenient plastic containers made especially to preserve your food in the freezer. 
  • Jigger - The ever-so-useful cocktail jigger would help in preparing accurate amounts of rum. 
  • Glass Irish Coffee Mug - The best mug for Hot Buttered Rum. Sometimes, people use regular coffee mugs in preparing hot buttered rum while others prefer beer mugs

The History 

Hot Toddy has been around much longer than we expected. Originally from Europe, it has been around since 1655 when Jamaica was captured by the British Royal Navy, and it became one of the alcoholic drinks infused with spices that helped them keep warm during long, harsh winters. 

Did You Know?

"Toddy" is the term used to describe the palm wine in India which is made of sugar, spices and hot water.

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The Rise in Fame

Interesting as it is, Hot Buttered Rum might not just be as talked about as it was more than a decade ago. But it reclaims its place in the top spot every winter, year after year, showing that it still really is everyone's favorite holiday drink. Countries that never forget making Hot Buttered Rum during the holidays are US-specifically, Alaska, Washington, Montana, Oregon and Idaho-Canada, Nepal, Japan and Australia.  This beverage, along with tips and hacks to create them, has been featured in many media websites such as Chicago Magazine, Buffalo News and The Mercury News

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The Perfect Pair

It's not difficult to see that, with the sweet flavor that Hot Buttered Rum has, it should only go with desserts that can complement the drink. Gingerbread cookies, creme brulee and cheesecakes are good examples of desserts that perfectly pair with it. 

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