The Most Popular Drinks By State

The Most Popular Drinks By State

If you love food and drinks, chances are you probably already know the best places to dine in your area or where you can order your favorite drinks.

But have you ever wondered how your favorite cocktail mix ranks across other bar drinks in the country? Or if you are drinking what everyone else is drinking?

Thanks to the internet, there is a gold mine of data regarding consumer preferences. And with just one click, you can bet there will be surveys and studies of every kind from the best pizza in New York to the coolest coffee houses in Washington D.C.

A study done by Versus, a popular consumer review blog on the internet, gives us a very interesting view of cocktail preferences across the United States. The research is based on the most widely searched cocktails on Google in the last 12 months in each state.

Top Three

Classics never go out of style, they say. And if the Versus study is any indication, this is true even for cocktail drinks. In fact, the top three cocktails on the list are classic mixes such as Whiskey Sour and Long Island Iced Tea followed closely by the Moscow Mule.


Versus’ research reveals that out of 51 states, six preferred Whiskey Sour as their cocktail of choice. Served “on the rocks”, Whiskey Sour is made up of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and sometimes egg white.

Long Island Iced Tea, tying with Whiskey Sour as a top cocktail choice for Americans, is a combination of vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, gin and a splash of cola.

Whiskey Sour and Long Island iced tea belong to a classic range of cocktail drinks which are popular not only in the US but in many parts of the world as well.

Cocktail in Copper

Coming in a close third on the list is the Moscow Mule which is preferred by five states in the US. Like the Long Island Iced Tea, Moscow Mule is mixed with vodka but combined with other ingredients such as spicy ginger beer and lemon juice. Moscow Mule is prepared in a special copper mug which helps in maintain its ice-cold temperature.  

Looking for other ways to enjoy your ice-cold Moscow Mule? Mix them with fruits for a different kind of cocktail kick.

More Cocktails, More Love

Other cocktail mixes that appeared on the study are the citrus flavoured drinks Tequila Sunrise and Mimosa. These are followed by Tom Collins, a sparkling lemonade mixed with gin; Paloma, a tequila and grapefruit cocktail concoction; and the party favorite Mojito.

Fruity concoctions like Sex on the Beach and Piña Colada are also preferred in most states, as well as the bourbon-mixed cocktail Mint Julep.

With help from the internet, you don’t need to wonder anymore whether someone from Kansas loves Margaritas as much as you do.

The answer is just a Google search away.   



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