Ice crushers are essential equipment for home bars, restaurants, and other businesses. They are tools for efficiently crushing or breaking down the ice into smaller, consumable pieces. For a more refreshing experience when drinking cocktails and beverages, there are manual and electrical ice crushers that you can use.

It is an excellent idea to own an ice crusher at home, so here are some things that you must keep in mind when choosing the one that suits your needs.

Types of Ice Crushers

There are several kinds of ice crushers in the market. We listed the most common and most convenient ice crushers that you may choose from.

  • Ice Pick. This tool may look unnecessary as it cannot finely crush ice. However, when dealing with ice blocks, you need an ice pick to break it down into smaller pieces, so the electric ice crusher can finely grind it.
  • Electric Ice Crusher. This type of ice crusher uses a high mechanism to quickly and effectively break the ice, saving manual effort and time. It is also known as an “electric shaver.” However, it cannot function without electricity when it is probably most needed.
  • Ice Crusher Mallet. There are manual ice crushers, such as the ice crusher mallet, that can function even without electricity. The ice crusher mallet is wooden, making it durable for smashing ice. The ice goes into a bag to prevent the mess when using this tool.
  • Ice Crusher Muddle Mallet. This type of ice crusher has a double purpose of being a muddler and a mallet. It is also wooden and comes with a bag where the ice goes. However, the shape is more like a muddler than a mallet.
  • Hand Crank Ice Crusher. This ice crusher is a simple machine that requires manual power rather than electricity. It functions by rolling the handle, making the blade spin, and breaking the ice.

Whatever type you prefer, there are other factors that you should consider when choosing a high-quality ice crusher.

  • Power. When buying electric ice crushers, choose the one with a highly reliable engine. A weak engine might give up on you, especially when using your machine for commercial purposes.
  • Durability. When choosing an ice crusher, always pay attention to its durability. For machines, always use the one with solid parts.
  • Capacity. If you’re looking for an ice crusher for home use, you can choose a slightly small or standard-sized machine that has enough ability to cater to your needs. However, you might want to use a more expansive machine for businesses, or else you have to buy multiple devices, which is also not a bad idea.
  • Quality of ice. If you need finely shredded ice, an electric ice crusher is suitable for you. Meanwhile, manual ice crushers are ideal for you if you need coarse ice. One thing is for sure, though, you need an ice pick to deal with massive ice blocks.
  • Portability. Electric ice crushers are not as portable as manual ice crushers because it needs electricity and an outlet to function. If you usually go out for picnics and drinks, manual ice crushers are ideal for you.

Summer is near and whether you’re up for fruit juices or cocktails, what you need is ice—a lot of it! Equip yourself for summer and check out our collection of ice crushers.

We would love to help you find the equipment suitable for your taste and style, so feel free to ask if you have any questions!