Wine is a delicious dinner drink that many enjoy. They match well with savory dishes such as steak and fish and great for closing the night off. But sometimes, preparing dinner can be taxing on the body, and trying to open that bottle of wine with a simple corkscrew can take a lot out of you.

Fortunately, designers have made alterations to the corkscrew for easy-to-use and hand-friendly modifications. So if you're wino with arthritis or you just need something to drink after a long day at work, these unique wine openers can get the job done.

Types of Wine Openers

Single lever. The earliest corkscrew only had two parts: the screw and the handle, which led to people using a lot of force when they're trying to open the bottle. A single lever can help with that issue since it uses less effort to pull the cork out. Examples of single lever corkscrew are the sommelier knife and the rabbit corkscrew.

Double lever. If a single lever lessens the effort of opening a bottle of wine, then a double-lever corkscrew is even better. You can use both hands to your advantage, and you can open your bottle up faster. An example of a double-lever corkscrew is the wing corkscrew or the cork extractor.

Electric. If you often find yourself straining from small hand movements, then the electric wine opener will undoubtedly be the better choice for you. All you need to do is stab the cork and let technology do its thing.

Other Unique Wine Openers

Foil cutters. Some bartenders use a knife or the screw to peel off the foil, but that could lead to slip-ups and accidents. A useful feature like the foil cutters can easily peel off the wine foil since it's designed for the bottle's mouth.

Bottlecap opener. This is usually found on a bartender's pocket knife. Having a bottle cap opener can come in handy if your guests prefer something else like soda, beer, or sparkling water.

Serrated knife. This is also featured on a bartender's pocket knife. They help cut detailed designs on fruit and vegetables, and you can also keep them on your person in case of emergencies or if you do not have the time to go back to the kitchen.