World’s Best Mixologists Of November 2020

World’s Best Mixologists Of November 2020

World’s Best Mixologists of November 2020

Calling out all budding bartenders and mixologists out there! We are rounding another batch of 10 bartenders and mixologists (in no particular order) whose journey into the cocktail world is anything but ordinary. You can also check out our previous post for the world’s best mixologists of October and discover how a preacher became a full-time mixologist.

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1. Ryan Chetiyawardana

Ryan Chetiyawardana

We’re proud to present a multi-awarded mixologist and author Ryan Chetiyawardana, popularly known as Mr. Lyan @mrlyan. He is best known for his time capsules, hand-made creations of personalized cocktails that mark special occasions. 

He now holds an amazing 23 awards and recognitions, the most recent is the 40 under 40 Tastemakers by Wine Enthusiast and Person of the Decade by the decade’s old magazine Timeout. He has 7 bars in total that also garnered various world-class accolades. However, some of them are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His bar, White Lyan, became the first-ever bar to not use ice and fruits. But, of course, he uses ice and fruits for his creations on his IG account. Explore the possibility of having your personalized cocktail bottled in the Mr. Lyan tradition.

Read his books and get inspired to start your mixology journey. Good Together: Drink & Feast with Mr. Lyan & Friends is a masterclass book about the very best food and drink pairings. Good Things to Drink with Mr. Lyan and Friends documents his quest to perfect classic cocktails like the Old-Fashioned and Manhattan. Both books are available on Amazon. 

2. Nicole Giampino

Nicole Giampino

Nicole Giampino @not_your_barmaid takes a clear stand for what she believes in as seen in her IG account. Aside from the cocktails, she is also very vocal in her support to the Pride community, anti-racism, and other political issues. Even her cocktails do not follow a certain trend. Instead, she loves individuality and personality in her cocktails, as she displayed in her creation of Experimental Cocktail No. 5 which she recommends as best for bloating and youthfulness. 

Her online shop features the best agave tequilas. She also sells margarita kits, jalapeno salt, and other wearables. 

What makes Nicole stand out is her innate love for people and her belief of the freedom to live the life we all deserve. She believes her cocktails are tools to help her fulfill this duty.

3. Hsin-Kai Huang

Hsin-Kai Huang

If you love a pretty face behind the bar who can mix stunning drinks, visit Taipei, Taiwan, and look for Hsin-Kai Huang @gado_huang. An outstanding student with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology from the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), he now holds masterclasses for would-be bartenders and baristas.

When not holding classes, Huang is busy perfecting his adventurous cocktails. He also actively endorses the liquors and spirits in his spare time. Check out his beautifully presented cocktail made with Royal Salute 21.

4. Nico de Soto

Nico de Soto

Nico de Soto @nico2soto loves traveling and made huge impacts in different parts of the world when he established his world-renowned bars. He has bars in Paris, Miami, and New York. Mace, one of his bars in New York, constantly makes it to The World’s 50 Best Bars. He also recently opened a Japanese-inspired cocktail lounge in Miami with star chef Brad Kilgore. 

Nico is multi-talented and actively works as a beverage consultant, DJ, and CrossFit enthusiast. He loves creating cocktails such as the Barseyo Maya made with Paragon Timur Berry.

5. Adriana Pino

Adriana Pino

Adriana Pino @dripino loves to recreate classic cocktails and give them different personalities. She is an active brand ambassadress for Booz Kombucha, Tabasco Brasil, and Ice4Pros. 

Pino is also an award-winning bartender with Cocktail Journey, Behind the Barrel, and World-Class Brasil awards to her name. Tease your palate with two of her Tabasco cocktail creations.

She currently works as a brown sugar consultant in SP, Duke Bistrot in Campinas, and various other establishments. Her travels as a bartender enriched her skills as she came to understand the different cultures influencing the cocktail world.

6. Marian Beke

Marian Beke

Currently based in London, Marian Beke @marian_beke is a prolific bar owner and bartender originally from Zilina, Slovak Republic. His father, who sells wine in Slovak, was the biggest influence on his career choice. 

His journey as a bartender began when he started working at bars in Prague. He was especially fascinated by how each customer can order the same drink with various amounts of a particular liquor and even a totally different main liquor. 

Marian soon moved to London, studied English, and started learning how to bartend. From there, he moved from working as a bartender to opening his bar in 2016. Six months after The Gibson opened, it made the ranks in the World’s 50 Best Bars. Their menu is constantly evolving, so try the Wild Strawberries and Cream before you miss it.

7. Nightjar


Nightjar @nightjar is the IG account of Speakeasy at Home located in the UK. Speakeasy at Home is an online shop that features three bird-inspired bars - Nightjar, Oriole, and Swift. For the past ten years, these bars served their brand of followers. 

Each of the three is a collection of cocktail kits that includes the cocktail mix in 500ml bottles, mixers, and garnishes as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also choose the ready-to-drink cocktails in 220 pouches but you have to provide your own garnishes. 

Check out Nina Simone, a posthumous tribute to the Priestess of Soul, Eunice Kathleen Waymon, known by her stage name Nina Simone. 

8. Simone Caporale

Simone Caporale

Simone Caporale @simonecaporale_ is the power behind Zeo, a collection of non-alcoholic cocktails. He came to London in 2009 from his hometown in Como, Italy to join the Artesian’s bar team in 2010. He became an influential part of the team, leading the bar to garner its 4-year streak of winning the World’s Best Bars since 2015. 

Not only did Simone helped Artesian win awards but he won the International Bartender of the Year in 2014. He also assisted in creating content and cocktails for Jamie Oliver’s Drink Tube. If you follow Jamie Oliver, you may have seen Simone in one of the featured videos.

He actively supports brands that he believes in. Check out his classic Negroni made magical by adding aromatic-filled bubbles.

9. Erik Lorincz

Erik Lorincz

Erik Lorincz @eriklorincz interestingly became instrumental in Marian Beke’s journey as a bartender in London. He moved to London a year before Beke and he did not hesitate to help his fellow Slovakian. The rest is history but karma had been good to Erik. 

He won the Best Bartender of the Year award in 2010. In 2019, he moved from bartending to owning his central London bar, Kwānt London. Early this November, Kwānt made it to 6th place in The World’s 50 Best Bars. One of his creations at Kwānt London is Almonds of Miracles, made from vodka, Disaronno, almond milk, black cardamom, and other ingredients. 

Erik prides himself in his Japanese-inspired creations but his best asset is knowing his customers. He recalled having a specific glass of beer waiting for each of his regular customers. This calls for dedication and an innate desire to please his patrons.

Like Beke, he started his bartending journey in Prague but had no other influence other than an ad for a cocktail school in Prague. He did not look back from then on. 

10. Rachel Korinek

Rachel Korinek

Rachel Korinek @twolovesstudio is a food photographer from Vancouver, Australia, and owner of Two Loves Studio, a food photography website that teaches how to take incredible food photos.

Her husband introduced her to photography when she met him ten years ago. Since then, she honed her skills through her creativity and guidance from her husband. Now, Rachel holds workshops for those who share the same passion for food photography.

Discover the beauty of her photographs and her remarkable Royal Hawaiian made with butterfly pea flower-infused gin.


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