Technology has brought us far and wide with its cordless devices, automatic machines, and wireless connections. Inventions and innovations of old tools have made time in the kitchen much easier for everyone.

It has become more accessible for people with hand issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis. This is excellent since not everyone lives with people who can help them with everyday tasks like opening jars or bottles.

Bottle Opener Accessories That Make Sense

Easy crank can openers. The original can opener did not have a crank. Instead, it was a handheld tool with a claw-like blade. You use it as a lever to push up the can until it cuts open. It took time and energy to open these cans, so they improved on the design later on.

Instead of using your strength to open it, you can use the rotating wedge to make a clean cut around the can. This uses less force and energy since the serrated wheel acts as a guide for your blade.

Adjustable jar and bottle opener. Jars come in different shapes and sizes, so having an adjustable jar or bottle opener can help you a lot in your day-to-day life. All you need to do is clamp the stationary part onto the jar and adjust the moveable part accordingly. The lever acts as a lock, so squeeze it when you twist the jar open.

Grip pads. Some sealed jars can feel stuck, and grip pads are here to get them unstuck. Grip pads are made of rubber which provides friction when it comes to holding items. The friction gives a strong grip which makes the lid move along with the motion.

Different-sized jar opener. There are small jars that contain garnishes and big jars that contain dips or sauces. Some of them have tight seals that can be difficult to open with just your hand. The different-sized jar openers can get an excellent grip on a jar and help you open it with a simple lever mechanism.

Multi-functional openers. These usually come with kits since they're small in size. They are equipped with multiple features such as a plastic bottle cap opener, crown bottle cap opener, pull tab, and jar seal release.

Refillable cartridge packs for Cork pops. Cork pop is a device that requires two motions to open a bottle of wine: stab and push the button. The cartridge packs are there just in case the needle of the cork pop breaks. 

Magnetic wine foil cutters. With the rise of kitchen gadgets, storing them can be a hassle. Luckily, magnetism is a thing, and popular gadgets such as a bottle or can openers have been turned into everyday kitchen magnets. Foil cutters are useful, especially when the end of a corkscrew has been dulled over time.

Can puncher. This can be found on bottles or can openers. They're used to make a small hole in cans to get or drain the liquid from the can. Some canned goods only require a small hole as a big opening can lead to a bigger mess.

Cordless electric wine openers. Some hand conditions can be so severe that minute movements can lead to pain. That's why electric wine openers have been invented just for them. The cordless feature makes it look sleek and clean in your kitchen.