Why Do You Wet A Glass Before Pouring A Beer?

Why Do You Wet A Glass Before Pouring A Beer?

When you go to a bar to have a glass of beer, do you ever notice that the bartender quickly rinses the beer glass before pouring the beer? Normally, glasses would be cleaned beforehand so what’s the reason with the second and rather quick one? Same reason as the first wash, really, to get rid of any unwanted stains, particles and accumulated dirt and more.

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This procedure is done with an equipment called glass rinser. Essentially, a beer glass is held upside down and pressed on the rinser and water is sprayed inside it. This will be done for about five seconds. The water pressure ensures that any remaining soap stains or scents are rid of as well as dirt. This procedure lies somewhere in between cleaning and preparing the glasses. 

An equipment is as cool as the glass rinser does not only serve one purpose. Following the rinsing of the beer glass, it will become wet and slippery. What this does is it allows that beautiful foam or head to form when beer is poured, and we all know that this is an essential part of the beer and contributes to its aesthetics. Aside from the looks, the foam also gives a burst of aroma from the beer, which is a plus for the customer. 

Because the beer glass is given a last rinse before pouring beer in it, the glass becomes clearer, providing a better view to appreciate the beer’s awesome colors. Also, beer is usually served in pint glasses and other glasses that typically don’t have handles so spraying water in it cools the glass and prevents the beer from getting warm quickly from your hands. Some bars also like to freeze their beer glasses, and the problem with this is that the lingering sanitizer may also get frozen but when you rinse the glass, it will eventually thaw and save your customers from tasting unpleasant beer. 

So, what happens if you don’t wet your beer glasses before pouring in beer? You can still have a glass of beer but without the benefits mentioned above. If there are stubborn soap stains and sanitizer residue in the glass, it can kill the head. There are also chances that customers will notice their beer tastes like soap or chlorine and maybe even get upset about it. The beer may appear cloudy rather than clear because it has missed taking a quick rinse. Also, your beer may quickly turn warm and people may not appreciate a warm beer as much.  There are many types of beer glasses and all of them can benefit from rinsing them before pouring in beer. 

Who would have thought that a simple and quick procedure can help improve a glass of beer? If you haven’t done this practice in your bar yet, start now, the few seconds are worth it. 

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  • No one seems to understand why this rinding is done. It is not to clean the glass. Almost all bars and restaurants are perfectly capable of cleaning glasses. And it is most certainly not to “allow the beautiful heat to form”. Quite the opposite in fact. Anyone who has tried pouring a beer at home in a dry glass can attest to the fact that sometimes the beer can produce way too much foam/head. This is because the dry glass has a much larger surface area with many more nucleation points than a wet glass. And so the wet glass is simply and solely there to prevent the beer from over-foaming. Not to enhance the foam.



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