Glasswashers are sink accessories that you can add to your cleaning area for a faster and more efficient workspace.

Advantages of Glass Washers


Glasswashers can save you so much time compared to individually washing each glass from your bar. You’ll soon realize that you have gotten used to this accessory, and your speed will increase.


With the glasswasher saving your time, you’ll have more room for other things like ingredient prep, clean up, and closing. This can also help speed up serving time as you’ll have clean glasses ready to use.


They’re equipped with long brushes for those hard-to-reach places in glasses. It’ll save your hands from drying up, and you can clean your glasses faster and thoroughly.

Bar Glasses You Can Clean with a Glass Washer

Highball Glass

These are tall and straight glasses that can carry 8 to 12 ounces of drinks. This is used to serve drinks with ice like rum and coke and gin and tonic

Zombie Glass

The Zombie is a potent drink, and it’s served in this specific glass. It’s a long slender shape that can show off the colors of your cocktails like tequila sunrise and fuzzy navel.

Collins Glass

These glasses are taller and more narrow than the highball glass. You can carry 10 to 14 ounces of drinks. Drinks like Mojito, Paloma, and Tom Collins are served in this glass as they require a lot of ice.

Rocks Glass

This is a short and wide glass mainly used to carry spirits. They’re not built for large amounts of ice and are used to serve strong drinks like Old Fashioned and Negroni.

Hurricane Glass

These glasses bear some similarities with wine glasses. They have a foot, stem, and bowl. The bowl is wide but tall, and it is used to serve Pina Coladas, hurricanes, and Singapore sling.