Restaurant Compliance Signs is a quick way to get the rules across without explaining them to customers. They're straightforward, to the point, and easy to follow, but what do you do when a customer doesn't want to follow the regulations?

What to Do with Rule Breaking Customers?

Warn Them

Most customers break the rules by accident, so the best thing to do with such a situation is to warn them. Be stern but not aggressive, as it could dampen the customer's mood.

Provide a Clear Explanation

Give a clear and concise explanation of the rules to your customers. This will help them understand the warning and give you a mutual understanding.

Determine Your Final Straw

If you have already informed and warned your customer, and they still break the rules. Determine if it was a mistake or if it was malicious. If it was malicious, ask them to leave. Businesses hire security guards or bouncers for such occasions.

Practicing Proper Health and Safety Codes

Proper Hygiene

This can save you from having to file sick days. Maintaining proper hygiene like washing your hands and cleaning your appearance can benefit you, your employees, and your customers. It decreases the chances of infection and gives your employees a presentable look.

Health Checks

It's vital to have health checks for any business establishment. Remember that people need to be honest about their condition. Otherwise, it could lead to other people getting sick. Employees who don't get paid when they're sick tend to lie about their health so they can work. Apply at least some form of compensation to help minimize the risks.

Proper Cleaning

Cleaning your workstation can minimize bacteria build-up. Keeping it neat and organized can make it easier for you to work around without worrying about the mess.