A whiskey decanter is a vessel for your whiskey and other spirits. It is usually glass and rarely crystal with a thick, stable base. The clear glass of the decanter allows the drinkers to appreciate your spirits' color and see if it has been contaminated. 

Unlike wine decanters, whiskey decanters do not help with aeration and decanting because whiskey doesn't need to undergo such processes. Their purpose is to enhance the aesthetics and class of the whiskey, but many people believe that whiskey decanters also control the crowd, preserve the whiskey better, and cause subtle changes to the liquor.

Many people consider owning a whiskey decanter a luxury, so they think it would be a waste of money to invest in one. However, for enthusiasts, even the slightest effect that a whiskey decanter would do to your spirits will massively impact your perception of it!

If you still don't own a whiskey decanter and you don't know where to start your buying journey, we're here to help you learn the basics!

  • Materials. Since whiskey decanters are highly associated with prestige, sophistication, and top-tier aesthetics, sparkly decanters might capture your attention.

    However, shinier materials might mean that the decanter is made of crystal, and much worse, leaded-crystal. The visual appeal may be essential, but it is wiser to choose a glass decanter to avoid posing a health risk to yourself and your guests.

  • Airtight seal. Whiskey decanters need an airtight seal. Once the whiskey is poured into the decanter, there is a high tendency to stay there for a long time. That's why an airtight seal always accompanies whiskey decanters. 

  • Style. Whiskey decanters have different types, but the rectangular decanter with thick edges is the most common. It may not compare to decanters with remarkable appearances when it comes to elegant aesthetics. Other styles of whiskey decanters are:
    • Flat. Flat whiskey decanters are rectangular with thick, wide bases and an airtight cube seal. The carvings on this decanter make the whiskey look like it is sparkling.
    • Duck. The duck whiskey decanter has a narrow spout that prevents the liquor from spilling when you’re pouring it.
    • Vase. This vessel has a long neck and spacious body. The shape of the vase allows a simple yet elegant presentation of the whiskey.
    • Ship. One of the most exciting styles of a decanter is the ship. This decanter resembles the ship's figure and is ideal for displaying in a personal office or your home bar.
    • Globe. Similarly, the globe whiskey decanter is also visually appealing with its glass vessel, which serves as the globe supported by a wooden platform that can also serve as the tray for glasses.
    • Diamond. If having a decanter is not enough to represent prestige, the diamond whiskey decanter is ideal for adding to your collections. Like the globe, diamond wine decanters may also have a wooden platform supporting them.
  • Efficiency. Given that whiskey decanters may come in any style or form, not all of them may perform as well as the simple ones. When choosing your whiskey decanters, constantly evaluate the efficiency, so your money will not go to waste.

After knowing the basics, you are now ready to find the suitable whiskey decanter for your home, office, or business! Don’t hesitate to check our collection of whiskey decanters to find the right one for you. If you have any questions about our featured products, reach out to us, and we will help you!