Panel of Bartenders & Mixologists

Panel of Bartenders & Mixologists

How Our Review Board Process Works

Our team makes sure to provide you with informative insights about everything related to bartending and mixology - from a variety of drinks to the best equipment to use for your bar needs. Each article validates information from trusted sources, supported by our thorough evaluation process assigned by our writers, specialists, and bar experts.

All articles are guaranteed to give you a direct, yet complete guide as it meets the high standards of our review board process.

The Advanced Mixology Team only creates content for reviews that are complete, comprehensive, and reliable that is backed up with detailed guidelines, informative how-to’s, and even the latest trends that reflects our objective to give you practical knowledge in the areas of bartending and mixology.

We also keep our review board process developed through comprehensive improvements by our editorial staff so our writers can revise and make more cross-references as needed. Once the content is acknowledged, it gets a review board remark in the byline so you’ll know about it’s specifics.

Get to know these bartenders and mixologists who review our articles to make sure they are accurate and trustworthy.

These bartenders and mixologists are a team of experienced professionals in bartending and mixology who ensure our content is in best quality and aligned with our core values to make your experience in mixology easier. They join us to make our objectives clear with certified information, and knowledge based advice from years of training.

Get to know more about our passionate bartenders and mixologists who make up the Review Board.

Federica Geirola flair bartending

Federica Geirola

A flair bartender from Italy, likes to show her prowess in entertaining guests by doing several tricks alongside the beat of accompanying music. Geirola is one of those flair bartenders who surely know how to ride in sync with the rhythm’s lows and highs.
This talented woman also likes to show off what she got by practicing flair bartending in public places like beside the beach and even in a supermarket! Furthermore, she never forgets to always include #womenempowerment in her posts, sending out a message that bartending knows no gender.

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Tania Shamshur Pouring a Tequila to a jigger

Tania Shamshur

Her creativity made her the bartender she is now. Her IG profile is full of unique cocktails, and one in particular that she has expertise with is making Margarita.

Shamshur is also the owner of Edgar’s Flavors, a cocktail bar located near Avenue Louise in Brussels. She is all about sharing fine cocktails and making great conversations with friends and families.

Her bar offers the classics and unique crafted drinks that you will love to try out repeatedly. They also provide ready-to-drink cocktails that are available for pickup or delivery.

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Heather Wibbels aka the Cocktail Contessa making classic cocktail
Heather Wibbels
Heather Wibbels, aka the Cocktail Contessa, is a digital content creator and Chair of the Bourbon Women Board of Directors. She likes to say she creates whiskey drinkers one cocktail at a time via her site
With her home base in Louisville, KY, and some of the top whiskey bars and distilleries in the world in her backyard, she experiments with classic cocktails in unassuming ways to deliver great taste in approachable ways.
You can find her cocktails and photos in The Bourbon Review, The Manual, Alcohol Professor, DrinkHacker, American Whiskey Magazine, and Bourbon +. Her book, Bourbon is My Comfort Food: The Bourbon Women ™ Guide to Fantastic Cocktails at Home, will be released Spring 2022. You can find her on Instagram at @cocktail_contessa.

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Jason Holmes of

Jason Holmes

Jason aka @jason_._holmes on Instagram. He currently reside in Columbus, Ohio, USA. He have been crafting cocktails since 2015. What once began as a creative outlet, has since evolved into a passion and business endeavor.
He recently launched Holmes Bar, LLC— offering cocktail consulting, photography, content creation and private classes (see He has a passion for creative cocktail development and modern twists on the classics with a particular penchant for jaw-dropping garnishes and stunning presentation.
He’s a big fan of variety and always trying new things— but, a few of his favorites cocktails include the Boulevardier, Jungle Bird, and Naked & Famous.

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Nathan Ford aka Nudge making cocktails behind bar

Nathan Ford

Nathan also known as Nudge is no stranger to the bartending and entertainment industry. His career as a barman started in Southeast Queensland and quickly seen him fly across the world to India. He was the bar manager who headed up the opening of Antares along side Master chef Sarah Todd.
His love for cocktails and high-class service ended up having many articles written on the quality of the drinks he can provide to wow customers. Nudge has the obsession to be perfect and always brings his creative side when designing new cocktails.
Having competed in many large cocktail competitions in Q.L.D it has given him the drive to challenge the customers senses with not only taste but also smells and visual aspects.
Nudge is a world-travelled bartender who has become sort after for consulting new venues and pushing the boundaries after making the top 100 bartenders in Australia with Diageo.
Currently the owner and head bartender of Old fashioned Events a mobile whisky bar, which captivates the customers and gives them the full whisky experience.
Nudge is also a highly skilled DJ having played in places such as Switzerland, Greek Islands and India. If there is a party happening he knows how to keep it pumping all night long!

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Rémi Massai

Rémi Massai

A prominent French bartender with more than 10 years of professional experience. Born in Paris and raised on the Atlantic coast, he is working with local products in a responsible and eco-friendly way, educating fellow bartenders and the general public.
Bar-industry advisor, he guides the business owners and helps establishing creative, effective and responsible work process.

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Randy Woodward

Randy Woodward

Randy Woodward was born in Seattle, WA, and has been crafting cocktails since 1993 at a number of top bars, pubs, and resorts on the West Coast. He is the foremost expert on everything related to cocktails and mixology.
He works as a content writer for Advanced Mixology ( currently, a company that serves liquor and beverages lovers worldwide with mixology content and premium bar accessories.

Other than cocktail recipes, Randy writes on spirits, bartending, and bar tools as well. His passion is to help people making amazing cocktails at home as well as to show that bartending is a respectable career, not just a job.

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