14 Cutwater Spirits' Canned Cocktails To Try

14 Cutwater Spirits' Canned Cocktails To Try

It’s summer, it’s hot, and everybody’s looking forward to drinking all summer long to beat the heat. It’s no wonder canned drinks are becoming so popular this time of year. And we’re not just talking about the usual beers and sodas in cans, but a new type of canned drinks––cocktails.

Last week, we introduced to you new canned Moscow mule products from different liquor manufacturers. This week, we are going to feature canned cocktail varieties from Cutwater Spirits, a new distillery that’s fast becoming a key player in the spirits market in the US recently.

Who is Cutwater Spirits?

Cutwater Spirits is a local manufacturer of premium liquor products and is emerging as one of the biggest craft distilleries in the West Coast. Rebranded from the original Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits in 2007, Cutwater Spirits has since moved to a new 50,000 square foot production facility in San Diego with state-of-the-art filtration processes.

Their most popular liquors include Fugu Vodka, Three Sheets Rum, and Old Grove Gin which have received numerous awards and citations from both local and international bar and restaurant analysts. Now, Cutwater Spirits has added new products to their growing line-up of award-winning beverages. Their canned craft cocktails have already hit store shelves and if you haven’t tried them yet, we would like to give you a little taste (no pun intended) of what to expect from their unique and refreshing flavors.

Canned Cocktails

Cutwater Spirits canned cocktails come in colorful and attractive 12 oz cans in a variety of cocktail flavors.

1. Tequila

They come in two awesome kinds, the Tequila Paloma and the Tequila Margarita. Both are Gluten Free and have a smooth finish and floral aroma with a hint of citrus flavors. The Paloma, however, has a 7% ABV while the Margarita has a higher ABV of 12.5%.

2. Black Skimmer Whiskey

    Bourbon with just the right amount of vanilla, honeysuckle, and caramel. The Highball has 10% ABV and is also made up of Cutwater Spirits’ in-house soda with a dash of mint. The Lemon Tea flavor, on the other hand, has a lower ABV of 7% and tastes like sweet lemon.

    3. Old Grove Gin &Tonic

      Timeless cocktail in a can with a blend of Old Grove Gin and Cutwater Spirits’ in-house grapefruit and cucumber tonic with a hint of citrus.

      4. Fugu Vodka Bloody Mary

        A heady combination of Cutwater Spirits’ signature Fugu Vodka with ripe tomatoes and glorious spices. Have the Spicy flavor if you want it peppery. If you prefer it with a heavier dose of tomatoes, then the Mild one is perfect for you.

        5. Three Sheets Rum

          These classic rum varieties in a can are made from the finest pure sugar cane. Have it your way with either their spicy house-made Ginger beer or the earthy and exotic taste of Cola. Both are Gluten-Free.

          6. Fugu Vodka Mule

            Vodka Mule that comes in a convenient, ready-to-go can. Exceptionally crafted from the award-winning Fugu Vodka, this is Vodka Mule just the way you like it, but better.

            7. Fugu Vodka Soda

              Made from the company’s house-made soda, mixed with either four of its fruity varieties, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Vodka, and Orange. These are definitely summer’s must have drinks.

                8. Tequila Lime Margarita

                Tequila Lime Margarita

                This drink is made using the floral aroma that consists of a smooth finish so wherever you open it, it is going to open your senses with the portions of tart lime, pure cane sugar and a hint of orange. 

                9. Elderflower vodka spritz

                Elderflower vodka spritz

                As the name is fascinating enough and so is the drink. The elderflower is a drink in which the company has added some soda water alongside elderflower and lemon. This bright spritz is sweet on the better side but offers you a sip of summers all year round. 

                10. Horchata Cold Brew

                Horchata cold brew

                The horchata cold brew is a breeze to drink. You get the creamy horchata vodka  and as you may have rightly guessed from the name and the picture. This has a roasty medium bodied cold brew coffee for a spirited spin which you can enjoy in the mornings. 

                11. Mild Bloody Mary

                Mild Bloody Mary

                This is not your regular bloody mary. Instead this one has a veggie flavoured cocktail which gets the award winning cutwater vodka and so you are going to get a taste of the rip tomatoes along with spices that are going to make a great mild bloody mary. 

                12. Lime Vodka Soda

                Lime Vodka Soda

                This could be the most plainest of all the drinks we have mentioned here. Its a simple concoction made from vodka that has been combined with soda water and has a hint of lime into a tasty cocktail which is simple yet refreshing. 

                13. Rum & Ginger

                Rum & Ginger

                The rum and ginger is for the People who like it all strong. You get the fresh and spicy house made ginger beer which is mixed with cutwater rum and you get this fine classic cocktail.

                14. Whiskey Mule

                Whiskey Mule

                This is a drink which is made from the ginger beer, lime which gives you the hint of freshness and then you have cutwater's award winning bourbon giving it far more depth and making it even more enjoyable. 




                • Most of these are great (Paloma is my fav) but do not get the peach margarita…it’s gross.



                • What is salt content in Bloody Mary drink


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