VIP customers are considered very important people. They are defined by their wealth, status, and relations to your bar or restaurant establishment. Some businesses place importance on VIPs since they can significantly affect their businesses.

How to Identify a VIP

  • Loyal Customers

They can be treated as VIPs if they've been long-time customers. That being said, you can't treat them like every day is special as that would be bad for business. 

You can do something nice for their birthday or anniversary, or reserve their favorite seat. Having long-time customers can give you free advertisements through social media.

  • Business Partners

Bars and restaurant owners create relationships with other businesses to further along with their ventures. When it comes to business partners, being wary of their visits as upsetting them may risk losing one.

  • High Profile

These are mainly celebrities, politicians, or royalty. Their opinions could help you boost or ruin your business with their social media presence. If you find it challenging to identify celebrities, Have no fear! There's a chance that someone from your staff knows them.

  • Number of Purchases

Check how many the customer has ordered. If it's more than the usual amount, try to investigate the reason why. They may be with a large group helping with the bill, or they could be a big spender with an entourage.

  • Average Order Value

If they spend a lot in your bar, check what they're ordering. They could be spending on your cheapest beers or your most expensive scotch. If it's the latter, then they may be worth looking into.

  • Connections

Some customers can outright claim they're working for a celebrity to get VIP treatment, treat them kindly and fairly. Treating them in a friendly manner will open the door for a new connection to a high-profile person in the future.