Napkin Caddies are a bar and restaurant essential. They keep the napkins in a neat and accessible spot for customers to use. You can place cloth or paper napkins in the caddy, depending on your preference.

Paper Vs. Cloth Napkins

  • Usage
  • Paper napkins can only be used once since they can disintegrate when they’re wet. Cloth napkins can be used multiple times. They’re made of durable material that will take a long time to destroy.

  • Material
  • Paper napkins can be made from recycled paper or trees. Unfortunately, these use 24.5 gallons of water, produce napkins, and release about 7.5 pounds of greenhouse gases.

    Cloth napkins can be made from cotton, fiber, and linen. Cotton and linen require 43.3 and 8.9 gallons of water to produce, respectively. In addition, it releases 3.9 and 1.9 pounds of greenhouse gases. 

  • Recyclable
  • Paper napkins are biodegradable. You can have them recycled, but you can’t reuse them for your bar or restaurant. Cloth napkins can be washed and used multiple times. They’re also people who are making better napkins that require less water to produce.