You surely thought that simply opening your bottle of wine would expose them to oxygen already. However, doing so and using wine aerators have entirely different effects. Wine aerators provide rapid and forced contact of wine to air by sending it through a funnel of pressurized oxygen. 

Wine aerators help release the aromas and authentic flavors of the wine without waiting long for wine tasting. Using wine aerators causes the tannins to soften, bringing the wine to its full potential, so they are primarily used for full-bodied and vintage red wines. Compared to wine decanters, which have the same purpose, wine aerators “wake up” the wine faster.

Types of Wine Aerators

  • Bottle-Stopper. This type of wine aerator is an attachment to the neck of the wine bottle. It has a double purpose of being an aerator and a bottle stopper, and it is also known as a “wine pourer.” However, while you can pour wine directly into your glass using this aerator, it does not give enough room for proper aeration.
  • Handheld. A handheld wine aerator is uncomplicated and convenient for occasional wine drinkers. You can use it by holding it by the mouth of the wine, and it also comes with filters, preventing sediments from mixing into your drink. Some handheld aerators have a stand that holds them in place.
  • Decanter Wine Aerators are glass-shaped decanters where you can pour your wine. It filters down the aerator, passing down the bottom spout and directly into your glass. This type of decanter/aerator is ideal for vintage wine lovers.
  • Electric. Electric wine aerators are the most expensive of all types, and the results prove why! With one touch of a button, your wine will transform into something fuller and firmer.

Wine aerators vary in how you use them and their price, but if it brings your wine to a rounder flavor, it is indeed worth the money! However, you shouldn’t compromise more than what you can offer just to get a good deal of a wine aerator. When choosing your wine aerator, you need to consider other factors.

  • Price. Expensive aerators are indeed high-functioning. However, if the cost exceeds your budget, you can still find an aerator of good quality and more affordable. 
  • Convenience. Wine aerators should be easy to use; if they are too complicated, the process will not be faster than what it is designed for.
  • Accessories. Wine aerators come with cleaning accessories to help maintain their condition. Wine aerators have unique designs that need specific tools for cleaning, so it is essential to own them to make sure your wine aerators keep functioning correctly.
  • Material. Wine aerators are made from different materials that could affect the taste of your wine, so it is crucial to choose one that won’t leave an undesirable aftertaste. They could be made from stainless steel, glass, or acrylic plastic, and they all work well.
  • Warranty. Because there might be instances when you cannot try the wine aerators when you’re buying, choose one that has a contract—so if it has some damage, you can return and exchange it.

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