Art of Mixology

  • Bottle of Everclear and Jar of Moonshine

    Everclear Vs. Moonshine: A Showdown Between Two Strong Alcohols

    Everclear and Moonshine have the reputation of being dangerous types of alcohol. In what way are they the same and different from each other? Read...

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  • Different types of corkscrews

    15 Best Corkscrews for Opening Wine Bottles Manually in 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

    When your friends visit to watch the game or when having a nice dinner with a loved one, you don't want to be stuck with...

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  • Ice bucket with ice, tongs, and sprig of mint

    15 Best Ice Buckets To Hold Ice and Cool Your Drinks In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

    It is essential to have an ice bucket to keep your beverages cold when chilling outside in a pool or at a party! Ice buckets...

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  • Whiskey stones and glass with liquor on a wooden table

    16 Best Whiskey Chilling Stones For Cold But Undiluted Drinks: Reviews & Buying Guide

    One of the best ways to enjoy a glass of whiskey is to have it on the rocks, but the downside is that it dilutes...

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  • Best Copper Mugs For Moscow Mule

    14 Best Copper Mugs For Moscow Mule In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

    If you love the classic Moscow Mule cocktail and have found yourself enchanted by the idea of Moscow Mules in a copper mug, then this...

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  • Lewis bag and crushed ice

    13 Best Lewis Bags and Ice Bags For Crushed Ice Cocktails in 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

    A Lewis bag is one of those things that you don't necessarily think about until you need one. And when you get to use it,...

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  • A glass of coffee beer with coffee beans around it

    22 Best Coffee Beers To Kickstart Your Morning In 2023

    Coffee or beer? Get the best of both worlds with coffee beers! This concoction features the excellent marriage of the two drinks to bring you...

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  • A bottle of grain alcohol in a background of assorted grains

    Grain Alcohol: The Drink With A Dangerously High ABV

    Grain alcohol, often known as neutral grain spirits, is a valuable tool for homebrewers. These high-octane drinks aren't simply for making alcoholic beverages; they can...

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  • Shaving ice into a bowl

    13 Best Ice Shavers For Uniquely Cold Drinks and Treats in 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

    With so many different ice shavers, it can be tricky to pick the most suitable one for you. So, we've put together this list of...

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  • Glass of Old Fashioned cocktail with whiskey bottles

    20 Best Whiskeys For The Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail

    To make an Old Fashioned cocktail worthy of the name, you need an excellent bottle of whiskey. If you want to take your cocktail game...

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  • The Top 9 Cocktails To Order On A Plane

    The Top 9 Cocktails To Order On A Plane

    Why enjoy drinks on the ground when you can mix things up in the air? If you're looking to add a little extra zing to...

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  • Shandygaff Recipe

    Shandygaff Recipe

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  • Simple Wine Cocktail Recipe

    Simple Wine Cocktail Recipe

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  • Jalapeno infused tequila in a jar and glass

    19 Best Alcohol Infusion Kits For Elevated Drinks In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

    After buying a bottle of liquor, the most straightforward thing to do is serve it immediately. But you could try infusing it with fruits, botanicals,...

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  • Couple holding a glass of wine or liquor in a store

    30 Creative Valentine's Gift For A Booze-Loving Boyfriend

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Whether your significant other is a boozehound or has a refined taste in wine, we have you covered with 30...

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