Have you had a memorable bar experience? Aside from successfully picking someone up or hanging out with your friends, what was the most unforgettable moment you had at the bar? Some bartenders are trained to serve your drinks with style, and it’s one of those skills and performances that can attract customers to your establishment.

What You’ll Need to Train as a Bartender

Empty Bottles. Flair bottles are an excellent way to practice before the real deal. They exhibit the same feel and weight to regular bottles, but it does not have the same fragility. This prevents accidents and helps you prepare when the time comes.

Boston Shaker. This shaker is most often used for flair bartending. The visual from the pint glass and the easy removal of both pieces make this the ideal shaker to perform tricks at a busy and festive bar.

Duct tape. When you’ve graduated from flair bottles, be sure to use duct tape on the surface of the empty glass bottle. This protects the empty bottles from shattering in case the bottle falls. It is a safe way to get your muscles used to actual bottles.

Foam Mat. It’s essential to have a foam mat or a yoga mat to practice on. This will prevent your bottles and glasses from breaking and save you from your expenses. Rubber mats are okay to use, but you risk the chance of your fallen bottles bouncing up and hitting the floor. 

Open space. Bar tricks involve a lot of big movements and lots of fragile vessels. You’ll need ample room to practice and gradually make your space smaller for you to adjust. This is an effective way for you to get used to your area.

Confidence. Doing anything new can be nerve-wracking; it’s crucial to approach it with confidence. Having confidence in yourself can be suitable for your performance and help you improve faster.