Cordial syrup is an ingredient that is used to make cocktail beverages sweeter. It counters the strong bitter taste of alcohol and provides a sugary or fruity flavor that most people enjoy in a cocktail. This ingredient is mainly used for fruity or dessert cocktails.

Fruits You Can Use to Make Flavored Cordial Syrup

  • Lemon

A sweet and sour combination can bring down the strong taste of alcohol. Lemon is commonly used in cocktails for its robust flavor and beautiful yellow color. They’re a great source of vitamin C and help with weight loss. Popular cordial lemon drinks are apple smash and lemon mint cordial.

  • Cherry

This fruit is typically seen on desserts like ice cream or cake. They provide a sweet-tart flavor that can complement any dessert cocktail. Cherry has a brilliant red color and is rich in antioxidants. Recipes like cherry cordial and sour-cherry cordial drinks can be done with this fruit.

  • Raspberry

Sweet, soft, and tart is the perfect description for Raspberries. Their subtle pinkish-red color provides a certain elegance to the drink. If you need a low-calorie and high fiber fruit, then this is the ingredient you need to make your cordial syrup. You can mix this with an old-fashioned to add a bit of tart and sweetness.

  • Oranges

Oranges may be the most popular citrus fruit for their sweet-tart taste and are known as the face of vitamin C. Their flavor goes great with morning cocktails like mimosas and orange bellinis.

  • Blackberry

The sweet and juicy flavors of blackberry will pair well with most cocktails. The dark purple color adds a particular mystery to drinks that customers will enjoy. It’s a great source of vitamin K and manganese. Adding this to a sidecar or martini can create a dramatic look that goes excellent with pictorials.