If you love drinking wine, investing in a wine-making kit is a wise and practical decision. It is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite liquor without worrying about exhausting your budget. Making your wine can be considerably cheaper than regularly buying a bottle or two. Plus, brewing wine is a fun and engaging activity.

Generally, standard wine-making kits contain all the ingredients needed for making wine. Some kits may include the essential wine-making equipment as well, but not all.

Types of Juices Included in Wine-Making Kits

There are four types of grape juices that you can find in different wine-making kits.

  • Fully-Concentrated Grape Juice. Kits with this type of juice require adding water to make a standard batch of wine. With its high sugar content, this option can preserve your wine for a more extended time. However, the grape flavors may diminish during the wine-making process due to the extra sugar.
  • Partially-Concentrated Grape Juice. The same with the fully-concentrated juice, this one also needs additional water. It has lesser sugar, which allows for longer shelf life without losing a significant amount of grape flavors.
  • 100% Grape Juice. Unlike concentrated juices, this one is pure grape extract and does not require any additional water. Although kits with this type of grape juice can be challenging to find, it is worth it as they make outstanding wines with more intense grape flavors. However, the wine will not last as long as the ones made from concentrated juices.
  • Concentrated and Unfiltered Grape Juice Blend. This one is an excellent alternative to 100-percent grape juice. Kits with this type of grape juice are easier to find.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wine-Making Kit

  • Type of Wine. Before purchasing a wine-making kit, it is of utmost importance to choose which kind of wine you highly enjoy drinking. Most wine-making kits will yield a standard of five- or six-gallon batch of wine in one pack, so make sure that you love the taste and characteristics of the wine you’re about to brew. You can find kits for producing major wine styles such as white, red, rose, fruit wine, dessert wine, port-style, and more.
  • Grape Variety. Do you have a particular grape variety in mind for the wine you’re brewing? Some premium kits come with a specific type of grape to allow home-brewers to recreate their favorite wines.
  • Type of Kit. With a wide range of wine-making kits available in the market, it is helpful to note that they have different components and inclusions. Some kits may include both ingredients and equipment necessary for making wine, but other times, you will need to purchase the tools separately.
  • Time. Another factor to consider is timing. Do you need your wine brewed in a specific timeframe? Most wine-making kits will need four, six, or even eight weeks of preparation, so be sure to check the package before buying it.

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