Every bartender has a reliable speed opener. This is a flat bottle opener with two sides: the bar key and the thumb hole, and the material is usually stainless steel metal. The bar key has a small latch and a semi-circle shape that bartenders often use for their bar tricks.

But we’re not just talking about the regular speed bottle opener, and this collection is bottle openers that shorten the time to open liquor with speed and convenience. In addition, openers such as cork pops, lever-type, keychain, and electric-types have made their way into the market.

The Original Speed Opener

Speed openers are often used for flair bartending. With its flat body and thumb hole, it’s easy to handle and carry around. In addition, the thumb hole allows the bartender to make spins and flips without worrying about the opener flying off. The most used trick is carrying the bottle by using the opener locked on the cap.

Other “Speed Openers”

Cork pops. Using a corkscrew can be an event, especially if you get a bad cork. Bad corks tend to crumble when using a corkscrew. With a cork pop, you can open any bottle in just 4-easy steps.

  1. Cut the wine foil with the built-in cutter.
  2. Stab the cork with the device.
  3. Press down the button to add pressure.
  4. Pull out the cork with ease.

Lever-type. These are easy to use since all you need is to insert and pull using the lever. In addition, the lever makes it quicker to draw as the user doesn’t have to add too much pressure to it.

Keychain. If you’re an avid drinker, having a bottle on your person is a must. You’ll never know when you’ll need to open a fresh bottle during a hot day. You can keep this bottle opener on your keys, bag, or wallet.

Electric-type. Technology has made strides with phones, computers, televisions, and everyday kitchen tools. Electric-type openers are built for people who often find it challenging to use their hands due to health reasons.