Bar stools and table chairs are essential for any restaurant, hotel, and bar. Customers need a place to sit and enjoy their time in your establishment. Picking out the suitable stool can help bring in more customers due to its comfortable cushions and the atmosphere it brings.

Selecting the Right Bar Stool

Bar Height Stools Vs. Counter Height Stools

Bar stools are 28” to 32” from the floor and often partnered with 40” to 43” bars. Counter height stools are 24” to 27” from the floor with a 35” to 39” counter as its pair.

Adjustable Stools

If you’re not sure about the table, you can always use adjustable stools for your bar or counter. They can go with both types of tables and cater to different kinds of customers.

Leg Room

Remember to provide customers with enough legroom for a comfortable seat. Measure around 9 to 12” of room for them. This is enough legroom for tall customers and enough space for bigger customers.

Number of Stools

This depends on the width of your bar stools. For 16” to 18” wide chairs, provide 6” of space between them, and for 18” and wider, provide 8” to 10” of space between them. The minus ten rule is helpful so you can adjust the seats without looking for a guide.

Types of Bar Stools

Backless. These types of bar stools are easy to store under the bar counter. It saves you space and does not promote prolonged sitting, perfect for small bars that need many customers.

Armrests. Bar stools with armrests usually come with a back. This provides comfort and keeps the customers in a casual mood.

Swivel. This added feature makes seats more accessible for customers and makes it easier for them to communicate with their friends.