Ice trays and ice molds come in different shapes and sizes. They cater to various kinds of drinks. Strong drinks like whiskey require large ice cubes to keep it cool without diluting the drink too much, while crushed or small ice can be used for cocktails where the dilution doesn’t matter too much.

Different Types of Ice Trays

Large Ice Cube Trays. These ice cube trays are made of silicone, so it’ll be easier to extract the ice from the casing. Large ice cubes are generally used for drinks like whiskey or bourbon. Their large size tends to melt slowly without affecting the taste of the drink.

Regular Ice Cube Trays. These are the most commonly used ice cube trays. You can find these types of trays in every home. They work well with cocktails, juices, punches, and water.

Small Ice Cube Trays. Tiny ice cubes can be used to cool water bottles or chill cocktail drinks. They tend to melt faster since they have less surface area.

Long Ice Cube Trays. Most water bottles have a narrow opening, making it difficult for regular ice cubes to fit. Long ice cubes can pass through the bottle nozzle and can cool the drinks surrounding it.

History of Ice

In Roman times, Emperor Nero would order slaves to retrieve ice from the mountains. They’d ride high-speed chariots to cool the ice. It was so rare that it became an expensive commodity that only the rich could afford.

Before refrigerators were invented, people would gather ice from frozen lakes during the winter and store them in underground ice houses. The lack of heat kept the ice-cool until the following summer. Since people had to wait during winter for ice, some countries imported it from colder countries like the Himalayas and the United States of America.