Unique bottle openers are an excellent casual novelty gift for your friends. In addition, you can buy something personally themed to their interest like their favorite movie, tv shows, or hobbies.

Types of Unique Bottle Openers

  • Movie or TV-based bottle openers

If you're a movie buff, there are plenty of unique bottle opener keychains that are movie-based. There's a millennium falcon bottle opener for the science fiction buffs that you can keep on your keychain.

There's also a Harry Potter bottle opener for fantasy adventure lovers that you can customize according to your Hogwarts House. So are you brave like a Gryffindor or cunning like a Slytherin? You can find that right here!

  • Hobby based bottle openers

Shopping for a friend can be difficult if you don't know what they want. For example, if you don't know what kind of movie or show they like, you might end up buying the wrong thing, like buying a Star Wars keychain, but your friend is a Star Trek fan.

Unlike movies, you can never go wrong with buying a keychain that is hobby-based. All you need to do is observe what your friend often does for fun. Do they like to go riding on their motorbike? Do you often see them whip out a deck of cards during parties? 

Getting them a bottle opener related to their hobbies can show that you care and pay attention to them.

  • Quick use bottle openers

People with hand issues often find difficulty at small things such as opening a jar, bottle, or can. You can help lessen that issue by getting them the pop-the-top bottle opener. 

The pop-the-top bottle opener is perfect for your friend who has these hand issues. It has a spring mechanism that allows you to pull the cap off without using too much force. All you need to do is push it onto the cap and pull it out.