Beer pong is a well-known college drinking game. The game first started around the 1970s where you use paddles to try and shoot the ping pong balls at the opponents' cups. It was later simplified with the opponent just throwing the ball onto the red cup.

How to Play Beer Pong

1. Set up of the game

Each side gets 10 cups filled with beer or other types of liquor. The contents are entirely up to the group. The cups are filled only halfway or just a quarter way. Each side has one to three ping pong balls with a glass of water to wash the ball if it goes to the floor.

2. How to win

The goal of the game is to shoot the ball on the opponent's side. Each player gets a turn to throw the ball. If the ball goes inside one of the cups, the opposing player has to drink it. The first group to finish their cups loses.

3. Win conditions

Some have win conditions to make it more interesting. Others place small bets, while some have extra accessories to make it more interesting. Mini hoops are beer pong accessories used to increase the difficulty of shooting.

Added rules

Some games have added rules like no bouncing, and you’re allowed to defend or change the positions of the cups. This can make the game more exciting and fun.

Beer Pong Tournaments

The first recorded beer pong tournament was at the Oasis hotel in 2006. People from all over the world would gather and create teams to compete for the cash prize. This created a culture where it's not just a college drinking game.

Beer pong enthusiasts would gather and create their teams. The world series of beer pong is played using 8 ft beer pong tables, 16 oz cups, and 40mm 3-star beer pong balls.