With their bright, beautiful colors, neon signs can grab anyone's attention. It's a great way to design your clubs, bars, and restaurants and provides some mood lighting for pictures. Keeping neon signs does require a level of maintenance since they're not typically made of regular LED material.

Neon was invented by a French engineer, Georges Claude. He presented this invention at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. Discovering the glow that the light emits, he soon realized his invention's signage and marketing potential; he opened his Claude Neon company. Without him, neon colors wouldn't have been invented, and nightclubs would look dull.

Maintaining Neon Signs


Keeping your sign clean can help it glow fuller and brighter. A common problem for neon signs is dust build-up. Start with unplugging your sign, and use a vacuum to catch most of the dust. Make sure your vacuum has a brush attachment to loosen some of the dust.

Use a soft cloth to rub the rest of the dust off, and if you've encountered some dust in hard-to-reach areas, use a paintbrush. Remember to be gentle with your signs, as one scratch can be visible when you turn it on.

Keeping The Bugs Away

During the night, bugs use the light of the moon to navigate their area. The problem is lights from LED or neon signs can be mistaken for that light, so bugs become entranced with artificial lighting.

If you are situating your sign outside, keep a bug zapper nearby to reduce the chances of the bugs going to your sign.

Don't Unplug

The only time you should unplug your neon sign is for repairs or cleaning. The neon sign's transformer has a higher chance of wear and tear when you unplug it. You don't need to worry about expenses since neon signs don't require too much electricity.