Ice buckets are used to hold ice and keep them cool for cocktails and drinks. They can be used to cool bottles or used as a convenient vessel to carry ice for cocktails and other beverages. Its materials can vary from plastic, silicone, or metal.

How to Use an Ice Bucket

1. Use Regular Ice

Small ice tends to melt faster, which can cause them to meld and create one big chunk which you can’t use for drinks. Large ice is okay, but it’s challenging to produce since it takes too long to freeze. Regular ice is the perfect size for events, parties, and cocktail bars.

2. Cover Your Ice Bucket

Keep the lid on when you’re not using the ice bucket to keep your ice from melting too fast. It also protects your ice from air contaminants.

3. Have an Ice Tong or Ice Scooper

To keep things clean, you need to have ice tongs or ice scooper ready to use. Ice tongs are more controlled compared to ice scoops.

History of the Ice Trade

The Ice trade began in 1806 by Frederic Tudor. He wanted to export ice to the West Indies and the Southern United States. There were several attempts on how to make or gather ice on an industrial scale.

It had to be harvested from frozen ponds or lakes and stored before being transported to other countries. The ice cuts varied with large cuts for long journeys, while smaller amounts were for local areas. Clear ice is transported for home use, while the opaque ice was used for the industry to cool the clear ice.

To harvest ice, people needed tools specifically for that task. Tools like ice saws, spiked boots, and jack grapples are used to cut and carry ice. This was needed to cut ice in excellent quality.