Liquid Marijuana Cocktail Recipe Might Hit Your Bar

There are plenty of cocktail recipes for you to drink and try making on your own. However, not many people have attempted the Liquid Marijuana Cocktail. This green drink is a recipe that may not even be available in most bars around the world because of some misconceptions.

What is a Liquid Marijuana Cocktail?

This cocktail is a sweet and tropical drink that is colored green. There is nothing to worry about because this beverage is not addicting at all. Although it is called the Liquid Marijuana Cocktail, it does not contain any form of cannabis.

With this cocktail, you can hype-up your 420 themed parties without having to worry about people getting high. People have said that this drink tastes excellent as it has tons of tropical tones and is an effective intoxicant. It is quite simple to make and yet is known to be a crowd favorite. You can mix it up in only two minutes.



  • Pineapple in the shape of a marijuana leaf


  1. Place all ingredients except the pineapple juice into a cocktail shaker. 
  2. Add cubes of ice and shake it.
  3. Strain the shaken drink into a glass of your choice. 
  4. Add some ice.
  5. Top it off with pineapple juice. 
  6. Garnish with a marijuana leaf-shaped pineapple.

Cannabis Cocktails

Now for those of you searching for drinks that are infused with actual cannabis, eyes here. Before deciding to toy with the idea of adding marijuana to your cocktails, there are some things that you need to be informed first. Although marijuana has been approved in many places around the world, there are some precautions that you need to take.

To start, there are two active components of marijuana. One is THC, which is the chemical that is responsible for the high sensation that you get from using weed. The second compound is CBD, which does not produce any psychoactive effects. The levels of each of these constituents depend on the strain and variety of the plant. Check out this article from WG for more information.

You must understand that weed can get you high, and drinking alcohol will get you drunk. If you mix these two, you might experience prolonged undesired effects. That is why you will have to be very careful if you order this type of cocktail or if you make it on your own. 

Just like edibles, liquid marijuana will produce its effects after an hour or two after ingestion. It is also common to feel high for over five hours after drinking. The sensation is said to be much more intense than other forms of marijuana, which is why professional mixologists will need to do it with caution. The effects also depend on many different factors that vary per individual, such as personal metabolism. 

Here are a few pieces of advice that can help you avoid getting into trouble when you experiment with cannabis cocktails:

  1. Try your first drink at home in case you get too high and will be unable to drive. 
  2. Start with other forms of cannabis products (tinctures, creamers, and syrups) before drinking marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks.
  3. Begin with small dosages instead of jumping to high concentrations.
  4. Be patient since it takes an hour or so for the effects to kick in. Do not drink another glass after not feeling high in a few minutes. 
  5. Limit the number of cannabis cocktails you drink per day.

If you want to use marijuana for its medicinal effects, it would be best to look for drinks or other products that contain only CBD rather than THC. By doing so, you can avoid feeling high. There are several kinds of drinks that contain CBD, such as:

  • Liquors infused with cannabis 
  • Canna syrup, cream, or butter 
  • Tinctures
  • Cannabis bitters

How do cannabis-infused drinks taste?

Since it comes from plants, you cannot avoid tasting a type of herbal undertone. However, the taste dramatically depends on the strain that you use to add in the drink. Most people describe it as having a floral herb taste but still green and leafy. Because of its versatile flavor, it can easily be paired with any ingredient or liquor that you want.

Although the Liquid Marijuana Cocktail does not contain any weed, it can still bring life to your parties. However, if you are living in a state where marijuana has been legalized, you can explore the world of cannabis-infused cocktails. Just remember always to take precautionary methods when making such drinks.

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