The most commonly known three-piece shaker set is the cobbler shaker. It consists of a lid, strainer, and tin cup. Some lids have measurements included for that multi-functional feature, which usually measures around 1 to 2 oz.

Advantages of a Three-Piece Shaker Set

Built-in strainer. After shaking and mixing your drinks, you can directly pour your cocktail into your glass. Since there’s a built-in strainer, you don’t need to use a separate tool. This lessens the things you have to wash, and it’s a convenient way to serve drinks.

Great for beginners. A two-piece strainer can be difficult for beginners. They can find difficulty in sealing and opening a Boston shaker. It requires a bit of force to seal: a weak smack can lead to leaks, while a strong one may break the glass.

Cobbler shakers have a smaller gap between each piece, making it easier to break the seal than the Boston shaker’s significant gap. This also helps with sealing since you can hold the shaker in the middle to ensure that seal.

Measuring cups. Lids can be designed with measuring lines for that multi-functional feature. They usually measure about a shot which is 1.5 oz, but this depends on the size of the lid.

Factors You Need to Consider

Stuck. With the small gap and metal material, cold temperatures can cause the metal to contract, creating a tight seal. Bartenders usually wiggle the top piece around to get the seal off. If that doesn’t work, they run it through some hot water. This expands the metal, making it easier to pull out.

This factor is the reason why bartenders prefer the two-piece shakers as it can disrupt their workflow. This doesn’t pose a problem for home bars, but for a professional setting, efficiency is key.

Slow. The built-in strainer and mouthpiece are fairly narrow, which results in a slower pour. Serving multiple guests is not ideal for this type of problem as people can grow impatient and bored during the party.

Cleaning. It can be a hassle to clean up the pieces, and losing one piece can make this set useless as a shaker. Just be sure to put away the components in one area so you won’t lose them as they dry.