Designer aprons are stylish versions of the regular bib aprons that we mostly see in cafes and kitchens. They allow showing off the employee's outfit or uniform without being too casual or looking too formal.

Not all aprons are the same; some may come with a top cover, while others only have the bottom covered. Picking out the correct apron for you can be a daunting task as there are so many options.

How to Pick the Right Apron

1. Do you need an apron?

Does your job require you to wear an apron? Jobs that mainly handle food items require you to wear an apron. It's designed to protect your clothes from catching spills, dust, and other food bits that may come from your shift.

Waiters, chefs, nurses, and most restaurant workers must wear an apron to protect their uniforms.

2. Do you want a washable apron?

Some aprons are machine washable, while others are dry clean. Materials that can be machine washables are cotton and linen, while leather and nylon require specific instructions to clean.

Cloth and linen are washed once or twice a week for stains and general cleaning. Since they're not waterproof, they are susceptible to liquid stains, so if you get a wine spilled on your apron, you'll need to wash it off immediately.

Leather and nylon aprons are used for harsh chemicals like paint or experiments. Their thick fabric helps protect the uniform and the skin from harsh and corrosive chemicals.

3. Will you be moving around?

Some jobs require you to stay in one place, like a hostess, drive-thru attendant, or manager. But if you move around a lot like servers, chefs, and waiters, you might end up getting spills on your uniform.

4. Do you use sharp objects?

Cloth or linen can somewhat protect your body from sharp objects, but thick fabrics like leather or nylon will be much more effective. This is why most establishments require you to wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from sharp falling objects.