You can live your fantasies about owning a bar, but one thing people forget about is the maintenance. For a bar to be successful, it requires cleanliness. Especially on rough nights, bars can get pretty untidy, and you might end up with fewer customers the next night if you don’t take care of it.

Being well-equipped and prepared for those nights may help you move faster and keep you on schedule.

Different Cleaning Supplies

Window Cleaner. These are water-based cleaners that include detergents, additives, and solvents. It’s essential to keep your windows clean so people can see the interior of your bar. Some glass cleaners come with ammonia which can be irritating to the skin and eyes. Luckily, there are ammonia-free cleaners available for people with sensitive skin.

Descaling Liquid. This is used to remove limescale from kettles and water heaters. Limescale is a chalk-like deposit that consists mainly of calcium carbonate. Your water heater could break if you don’t clean up the limescale immediately.

Powdered Cleanser. It’s always good to have a multipurpose cleaner since they can clean any surface. Powdered cleaners are easier to store since they have little to no risk of spilling, unlike liquid cleansers.

Cleaning Attachment. Cleaning accessories can make the difference from a clean bar to a pristine one. Attachments like sprays, nozzles, and basket strainers can help maintain a tidy workstation.

Cleaning Brush. These are good for hard-to-reach places like bottles, reusable straws, or tubes. They make it easier and faster to clean up the tools and supplies. Cleaning brushes is a must for bars since the majority of their collections are bottles.

Bar Mop. The classic scene where the bartender cleans the bar with a towel isn’t too far from reality. Bar mops can be used for drying, cleaning, wiping, and preventing spills from happening.