Partying in a Nightclub

5 Ways To Help You Find The Best Bars On Your Trip

Partying in a Nightclub

No matter where you go, bars are an essential part of every complete vacation. They're the best place to relax, wind down, have a few drinks, and even meet some new people. 

However, large locations can have thousands of different bars, and you likely won't have the chance to visit them all. As a result, we prepared some guidelines for finding the best bars to ensure that you won't waste any time on sub-par establishments.

1. Do Enough Research

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While nothing is stopping you from wandering around the streets and visiting places that catch your interest, it's much more time-efficient to have some kind of plan on where you want to go to. The easiest way is to visit a website that groups all these bars, along with their location, menus, and reviews.

One such website is TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel platform. It lists thousands of places from hundreds of different countries, and it has a convenient ranking mechanism based on the average review score. From there, you can read about the people's experiences, rank bars according to your interest in them, and then visit each one.

2. Avoid The City Centerchicago city skycrapers

This advice might seem a bit contradictory - after all, the city center is always the most crowded and houses some of the most popular bars. However, in most cases, this also means that you'll have to spend massive amounts of money to try out some of their drinks. More often than not, their inflated prices aren't worth their taste. 

The better decision would be to move away from the center into the city’s outskirts, where some of the less popular bars are located. This doesn't mean that they serve lower quality food and drinks, even though the prices are lower. Some of them offer better, tastier menus, but you'll have to struggle a bit more until you find the real gems.

3. Find Bars Through EatApp

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There's nothing worse than getting excited about visiting a bar, only to find that there aren't any empty seats left. Making reservations in dozens of different places can get quite tedious. 

Fortunately, with online reservation software such as EatApp, this process has never been more straightforward. It's available both as a website and as an app for both Android and iOS. Once you visit it, you're met with a region selection menu that helps you find that particular bar effortlessly.

EatApp also has an image gallery for each place alongside the respectable table availability. Bookings take only three clicks, after which you'll get a confirmation on whether there's an empty seat available. You can even adjust a date, cancel the booking, or make a special request afterward.


4. Join Social Media Communitiessocial media icons on phone

Websites like TripAdvisor can only help you so much - at the end of the day, you could be looking at fake scores, old reviews, etc. 

Social media has popularized the creation of "groups" where people of similar interests share their opinions and provide recommendations. In this case, finding a bar lovers' group and joining it can help you conclude whether a particular location is worth visiting or not.

The easiest way to find these groups is by searching for them through a specific tag, most commonly the name of the city you're located in. You might even find some locals who could give you guidelines on what you should visit - maybe even a new friend to come along with you.

5. Try Out Local Specialtieslocal bar restaurant

There's no better way to get a feel for the city's spirit and tradition than through the local cuisine - in this case, drinks. Going on a trip and ordering something casual such as a Mojito is the equivalent to visiting a local restaurant and getting a burger. Many larger locations have either one or multiple local cocktails exclusive to them. 

If you're unsure of what they're called, don't fret. Simply go to a bar of your choice and ask the bartender whether they have any must-try drinks that you can't find anywhere else. Many of them are quite specific, so keep an open mind while trying them - even if you don't like it, at least you tasted something new.


We hope these tips help you find hidden gems on your next trip. Just remember that finding the best bars in town is easy if you spend time preparing and reading reputable travel websites, trying out mobile apps, or joining social media groups for great suggestions.



  • Whenever i am on a trip the first thing i look for is BAR, mostly i use to find bars and restaurants



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