Barista tools are equipment used to brew, decorate and make designer coffee. They’re there to make the barista’s creations beautiful. Tools such as milk frothers, foam whisks, and decorating stencils are used to beautify drinks.

Different Barista Tools

Milk Frother and Jug. These tools are used to make milk froth. Milk froth is foamy milk that adds volume and an airy taste to the drink. The frother comes in manual, handheld electric, or automatic. The frothing process is done in a milk frother jug usually made of stainless steel or plastic.

Manual milk frothers take the longest as they require physical endurance to create foamy milk. Handheld electric frothers are the easiest to use as it gives you more control on how you want your milk to be frothed, while automatic frothers require some level of skill since they’re usually attached to a cappuccino machine.

Foam Whisk. This is used to control where the foam goes in the drink. It helps create cutesy designs that most people will post on social media.

Coffee Scale. This helps you measure the number of coffee beans or grounds you use in a brew. Measuring ingredients help with the flavors and the consistency of the drink. Too much could lead to an extremely strong and bitter taste, and too little could give a bland flavor.

Coffee Grinder Brush. Using this will help get the dry coffee off the grinder. Old coffee grounds can affect the flavor of the new batch, which is why it’s good to have a grinder brush nearby.

Decorating Stencils. Powdered coffee art wouldn’t be possible without the help of the decorating stencils. They come in different designs that can cater to most people. You can use cinnamon, cocoa, and other coffee-related powders to decorate your latte.