LED light bottle displays can add a particular style to your bar. Their colored light is both eye-catching and alluring. They're usually in an attractive hue that can lead to pictures and videos posted on the internet by customers and onlookers alike.

Picking out the color you want to be displayed for the bar can significantly affect the mood of your work area. Certain colors have a specific psychological effect on your customers, and there’s a list of color psychology you can study.

LED Color Psychology


This is known to be an aggressive and energetic color. It's often associated with passion, love, anger, and intensity. The intense color can increase heart rate and hunger, which is why most fast-food restaurants have the color red in their buildings.


Colors like these are often associated with fun, warmth, and energy. Its attention-grabbing color makes it easier for customers to approach it as it appears welcoming and friendly.


This color is often used to target youthful customers as it's often associated with optimism, innocence, and happiness. Other brands also use yellow-colored items to promote their products, such as the sun, lemons, and sunflowers.


Most rejuvenation businesses such as yoga places or massage businesses have hues of green in their products or establishment. This is due to the colors' relations toward healing, nature, and hope.


This is a popular color used in LED bar lights as the color is associated with peace, freshness, and calm. Most people go to the bar to relax and have a drink with their friends, so it makes sense to use blue as the color of the lights.


Colors around this hue are often linked to royalty and luxury. Subtle colors added in a room can make it look more expensive, but too much can make it look artificial and fake.