Beer glasses are mainly used for serving and drinking beer. They are typically made with glass, but they can also be made from other materials such as wood, pottery, and pewter. Each glass differs in size, shape, and beer it intends to serve. There are various styles of beer glasses depending on regional and national traditions.

Types of Beer Glasses

There are various beer glasses designed for a specific kind of beer. Understanding the different beer glasses can help you appreciate your favorite brews even more. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular types of beer glasses.

  • Pilsner Glass. Pilsner glasses are usually smaller than pint glasses. The slender design of the glass allows a better presentation of the beer’s color and carbonation. At the same time, the broad top maintains a beer head, enhancing your taste for aroma and flavor. This type of glass is ideal for lighter beers.
  • Pint Glass. Pint glasses have the beer capacity reflecting the regular beer measure for a country, so there are multiple variations for every country.

    1. Conical glasses. This pint glass has a cone shape that usually measures 15 cm in height.
    2. Nonic glasses. Nonic glasses are derived from the term “no nick,” which explains the design of this glass. A few inches from the glass rim is a bulge that improves the user's grip and gives durability to the edge from being chipped or nicked.
    3. Dimple mugs or jug glasses. The design emphasizes strength and resembles a hand grenade that prevents the pint glass from slipping when being washed. The handle is convenient for older generations who have difficulty gripping non-handle pint glasses.

  • Snifter Glass. Snifter glasses are not typically present in public because they are usually used for tasting cognac and brandy. The shape of this glass allows the beer to swirl around, releasing an intense aroma. Snifter glasses are also ideal for Belgian ales and Imperial IPAs.
  • Taster Glass. Taster or tasting glass, also known as sampler glass, is a smaller glass with the same purpose as its name. If you happen to land your hands on an expensive and rare brew, this glass is ideal to use to enjoy the full flavor.
  • Weizen Glass. Weizen glasses are taller than pint glasses, slender at the bottom, which helps enhance the aroma, and broader at the top for more room for beer heads. Weizen glass is usually for serving wheat beers which foams a lot and has a capacity of 250-500 mL.
  • Beer Stein is a unique German beer mug made of stoneware, porcelain, and even silver or wood. It is very similar to the beer mug, but it has a hinged lid and a lever for opening using the thumb. The design is often considered sanitary because this type of beer glass was popularized during the 16th century when the bubonic plague.
  • Stangen Glass. Among all beer glasses, the stangen glass looks the plainest and most bland for beers, and it resembles Tom Collin’s glass. Stangen glasses only have 100-200 mL of liquid, but newer versions are now coming out. Stangen glasses are ideal for light beers because of the firm concentration that allows you to et the authentic flavor of your drink.
  • Beer Boot. Exactly as its name suggests, beer boots are glasses with a unique design in the shape of boots. The beer boot carries the rich history and culture of the soldiers from the bronze age. Since then, beer boots are often used in festive drinking challenges and are slowly gaining popularity in the U.S.
  • Goblet or Chalice. Goblet is a type of beer glass that has an extravagant design. Goblets have a long, thick stem where a bowl-shaped body sits. Some goblets have a gold or silver rim, and they vary in size. Chalices are closely similar to goblets, except it is thicker and heavier. 
  • Tulip and Thistle Glasses. Tulip glasses have a thin stem and a footer that holds a tulip-shaped body. The design traps foam with the help of the rim that forms a lip. The thistle glass is the stretched-out version of the tulip glass, which typically serves Scottish ales as thistles are the official flower of Scottland.
  • Tankard. A tankard is a large drinking glass with a single handle made of glass, silver, pewter, ceramic, or wood. As of now, tankards are now collector’s items and are usually given as a gift.