Juicers, zesters, graters, peelers, and slicers are considered citrus tools. Citrus like lemon, lime, and oranges are well-known in the cocktail world, and preparing them can be a hassle if you don’t have the proper tools or skills.

How to Use a Citrus Squeezer

Citrus squeezers are made of metal or plastic. They’re two handles with a bowl on the end that fit perfectly together. One bowl has holes at the bottom, and it’s used to hold the sliced fruit in, while the other bowl is used to squeeze the juice out.

Most people assume that the fruit goes into the bowl with the pulp facing up since that would make sense, but this is wrong as you would risk squeezing the juice into your eye. Instead, place the fruit with the pulp facing the holes. This will ensure you’ll get the most out of the fruit and avoid getting juice in your eye.

Citrus Fruits for Cocktails

Lemon. This fruit is commonly used in many cocktail recipes. They add a strong sour taste and provide a bright visual as a cocktail garnish. You can use them for recipes like whiskey sours, lemon drop martinis, or limoncello mojito.

Lime. Popular cocktails are mostly lime-based. Lime has a bitter and sour taste that can balance out your cocktail mixes. Cocktails like gin gimlet, Moscow mules, and lime rickeys are classic cocktails.

Oranges. Citrus fruits are known for their sour flavors, but oranges tend to have a sweeter taste than their cousins. That’s because compared to their acidity, an orange only has 1% acidic content. They’re used for drinks like mimosas, tequila sunrise, and classic screwdrivers.

Grapefruit. This is a hybrid of pomelo and orange. In terms of taste, it bears similarities with oranges. If you want social media-worthy drinks, try making drinks such as blushing lady, grapefruit shandy, or Paloma.

Blood orange. It shares a similar taste with oranges but has an added hint of tang. They’re not super sour, but they provide a marvelous red color to your drinks. You can make beautiful drinks like Coletti royale, blood and sand, and blood sage.