Counter caddies are the cute little moveable shelves you see in any bar counter. They’re used to display various items that may pique the customer’s interest. What you show is dependent on what you sell.

Things to Put on Your Counter Caddies

  • Cupcakes

The number one way to display cupcakes is a tiered display. It shows off the different designs and makes a neat little exhibit for customers to see. If your cupcakes are not in a box, protect them with a glass dome or cover from bugs.

  • Liquor

To make a great sale in bars, you have to display your best liquor. Remember to put them behind the bar to prevent theft. And if you plan to show them upfront, make sure the bottle is empty.

  • Syrups

This is mainly used for cafes and dessert shops. Having syrups on display helps customers decide what kind of toppings they want for their food or drink, but remember that sweet syrups attract insects, so be prepared to take preventive measures.

  • Dressings

This is mainly done on salad bars. It gives customers the freedom to choose which dressing they would like for their salad. It can also be used for other foods like hotdogs, burgers, or other meals that require condiments.

  • Sushi

If you’ve ever been to a sushi bar, sushi boxes are usually displayed at the counter to show you what it looks like. It’s almost always a realistic plastic display, but some put ready-to-go boxes for customers to take.

  • Teas and Pastries

Coffee shops tend to use counter caddies to display their company’s products. Teabags, cookies, and chocolate chips are displayed at the counter where you pay for your drink. This will give customers time to look through the items and think about buying them for later use.