Floor mats are used in bar work areas to reduce drag and help the bartender have proper footing. It also lessens the chances of glass breaking since the rubber mat can reduce the impact of falling glass or bottles.

Benefits of Using Interlocking Mats


Interlocking mats have an easy-to-follow and straightforward system. They are designed precisely the same for continuous locking and connecting. The interlocking system helps avoid the mats from separating and creates a uniform and sleek look.


Luckily, not all parts of your mat will deteriorate at the same level. Prominent areas will have visible dents, wear and tear, and places that do not experience as much foot traffic will still look pristine and untouched. They’re easy to replace as the interlocking system allows you to remove one piece without disturbing the rest.


Rubber mats cause a lot of friction when they come in contact with other items. This gives off that non-slip feature useful for most bartenders and servers as they tend to be on their feet most often.


Rubber mats are easy to cut, thus making them the ideal flooring for uneven areas. Just measure what you need to cut and use a box cutter to cut out the shape you need. This will give your floor a clean and uniform look.

Holes Vs. Solid Mats


With holes, the floor can get stained directly from spills and leave a stick pattern. If you are not vigilant, this could pile up and become a big issue to clean up.


Rubber mats with holes tend to have more breaks and snaps since they are prone to get caught from hooks, rocks, and other things, while solid mats take time to see any visible damage.


Solid mats do not have a drainage system compared to their perforated counterparts. If you’re prone to spills, liquid may pool more often and cause slips.