Home and portable bars are an excellent addition to your home. They’re great for outdoor parties and additional storage for outside items like pool floaties or event decorations. It also helps you prepare you or your hired bartender for events.

Why You Should Get a Portable Bar


Portable bars can be placed anywhere in your yard. This makes planning easy as you can station your minibar anywhere at the party.


Most portable bars are compact, which makes them easy to put away. You can hide them in corners or inside your house when you’re not using them. If you feel like space will be an issue for these portable bars, you don’t need to worry.


You get a bang for your buck with these portable bars since they provide outdoor and indoor services. You don’t need to pay for a mobile bar service since you can just hire a traveling bartender for events.


Having a mobile bar can prepare you for any situation. You can serve surprise guests, prepare for parties and make special drinks whenever you feel like it. It’s always good to be ready for any given situation.

Things You Have to Remember as a Traveling Bartender


Remember to bring your supplies and equipment when doing a job since not all events have what you need to be an effective bartender. Simple shakers and cocktail sets can help you so much in these situations.


Some occasions do not provide many drink options; bring a few drink ingredients that you use often. This can go a long way with customers as most people like to try new things. It can also help your reputation as a traveling bartender when you serve your delicious drinks.


A reminder that most events will have you working solo. It’s very rare for home events to hire different bartenders at a time since they would prefer groups. As a traveling bartender, it’s your job to make yourself known in the industry.