Novelty glassware can be a pretty cool gift to give to your friends. They have funny and silly designs that can get a chuckle or smile from any person, but not many people often use novelty shot glasses as drinkware. Instead, they put it on display for everyone to see.

Putting them up on the spot can be challenging as you need to factor in a few key features. If they’re in a lively area, there’s a chance that they could accidentally break. But if you place them in an obscure location, they may be left there and forgotten.

Where to Display Your Novelty Glassware?

  • Home bar
  • The most obvious area to have your novelty glassware displayed is the bar. You can station them on the counter or the shelf behind you. Guests will get a good view while they get their drink.

  • The Mantle
  • Some homes are privileged enough to have a mantle or fireplace. They’re great for staying warm during the winter. Keep one of your novelty shot glasses on this spot to keep a festive and lively mood.

  • Bookshelves
  • If you want your novelty glassware to be displayed discreetly, you can have them placed on the bookshelf. Most people don’t often read hard copies anymore, with digital books being the new norm, so you can have your glasses displayed and even use them as bookends.

  • Desk
  • Having quirky ornaments laid out on your desk can give your workspace some personality. Ensure that you don’t put your glassware in a busy area as you may accidentally break it. You can also place paperclips or other office supplies in this glassware.

  • Bedroom
  • Novelty glassware may be a personal item for some, and things like that need to be displayed in the room where most of your personal belongings are.