World's Best Bartenders and Mixologists

The Best Bartenders & Mixologists In The World (Updated November 2022)

Best Bartenders & Mixologists in the World

We love cocktails and we adore the mixologists and bartenders who create them. Cocktail creation is both a science and an art. Knowing when to add a specific ingredient, understanding the flavor profile, figuring out the nuances of each liquor, spice, fruit and blending them together into one amazing drink is a skill on its own.

In our quest to look for the best mixologists and bartenders in the world, we aim to spark the creativity in you with this monthly roundup. It is our goal to introduce this myriad of newbie and professional artists who makes beautiful and delicious cocktails. So aesthetically pleasing that it’s almost a sin not to drink them.

We’re updating this page monthly, so check this out every first week of the month. We really appreciate the love, so visit our IG account @advancedmixology for more amazing cocktails.

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Best Mixologist and Bartenders in November 2022

Best Mixologist and Bartenders in November

Read the roundup of November’s best mixologists and bartenders here.

This November, we honor some of the world's best bartending talents who used their cool and charming style to lead you into their colorful and delicious world. 

Simon Ford @simonfordsgin is the co-founder of The 86 Co. and Ford's Gin, an artisan gin brand that has become one of the best-selling products on the market. While John DeBary @jnd3001 started working as a bartender at the famous "Please Do not Tell." in New York.

Being the Head Bartender at PDT, one of the best bars in the world and winner of the 2017 Spirited Award for Best American Bartender, Jeff Bell @jeffreymbell is one of the coolest bartenders in the industry.

On the other hand, Al Culliton @al_culliton is a writer, historian, and cocktail expert who lives in the hill towns of western Massachusetts. Their work is mostly about America's food, drinks, and culture from punch to the 1960s and 20th centuries.

Brother Cleve @brothercleve, whose real name is Robert Toomey, became a master mixologist by accident. While on tour with bands like The Del Fuegos and Combustible Edison, he tried drinks from out-of-date menus at diners, restaurants, and bars. In comparison, St. John Frizell @stjohnfrizell is a bartender and the owner of Red Hook, Brooklyn's Fort Defiance, a highly-rated cafe bar.

Gina Chersevan @mixtressdc is a dreamer who follows her passions, whether making a career out of mixology or getting a mobile liquor license for DC for the 1967 Airstream bar.

Micah Olson @micahmixing is another bartender to look out for. He is a mixologist and a co-owner of Bar Crudo and Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails. His special drinks are the ones that are best sellers at both spots.

Another amazing bartender on the list is Jason Asher @asher52. He was born and raised in Scottsdale and started working in restaurants while still in high school and college.

Lastly, Bobby Heugel @bobbyheugel has changed how people eat and drink in Houston since he opened Anvil Bar & Refuge. Because of how hard he works at the bar to train people, the bar has been nominated for eight James Beard Awards.

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Best Mixologist and Bartenders in October 2022

Best Mixologist and Bartenders in October 2022

Read the roundup of October’s best mixologists and bartenders here.

This month's Best Mixologists features those at the forefront of cocktail culture and enjoying success. First on the list is Ross Simon @drink_better, who’s been in the bar industry for over 30 years and has fun working with some of the world's most famous cocktail names and brands.

Kaveh Zamanian @kzrabbithole is the Founder, CEO, and Whiskey Maker of Rabbit Hole, a Kentucky-based spirits brand that has won awards. He is one of the top 20 whiskey makers in the world and has one of the fastest-growing bourbon brands in the country.

Kira Webster @kirawebster_, the Beverage Director at the famous Japanese-Southeast Asian bar indo, gets her cocktails ideas from the poetry and culture of Japan and China. In comparison, Mariena Mercer Boarini @mariena_the_wanderlush_ is a molecular mixologist that creates multi-sensory experiences with "cham-feign" foams, edible garnishes, and liquid nitrogen flourishes.

Tyler Hudgens @tylerhudgens, who grew up as a Navy brat and now lives in Washington, D.C., runs several beverage programs on the East Coast and abroad. On the other hand, Bob Peters @bob_peters, born and raised in Charlotte, is well-known for his innovative taste and ability to amuse.

Since 2009, when he started working behind the bar, John Henderson @highball.hendo has mixed drinks combining art and science. At the same time, Bartender Charles Joly @charlesjoly works in Chicago and is the brains behind some of the best cocktail lounges in the world.

Julia Momosé @momose_julia is one of the women in the drinks industry who came up with the idea for the famous Japanese restaurant Kumiko in Chicago. Lastly, we have Katrina Sobredilla, who embraces her passion for craft cocktails. She works as a mixologist at 8282 in New York, a modern Korean restaurant.

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Best Mixologist and Bartenders in September 2022

Best Mixologist and Bartenders in September

Read the roundup for August’s best mixologists and bartenders here.

As we move into September 2022, let us take some time to recognize some of the best bartending talents around the globe!

First on the list is Hall of Femme honoree Pamela Wiznitzer @pamwiz. During the 2008 recession, she was fired from her corporate marketing job, only to fully realize her true passion as a beverage consultant in New York City. Next is Chef Kathy Casey @kathycaseychef, another creative mixologist who is the owner of Kathy Casey Food Studios-Liquid Kitchen in Seattle, a global firm specializing in food, drink, and concept development.

Everyone has a motivational tale, but few in the business can compare to Jackie Summers @theliquortarian. He is a James Beard Award finalist, public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Naren Young @forkandshaker started as a mixologist at 14 when his passion for mixing drinks drew him to the bartending industry.

Suzu @suzuvroom, one of San Francisco's most well-known bartenders, was born in the Bay Area but spent his childhood in Tokyo. This is reflected in his cocktails, which he makes with a nod toward his Japanese ancestry. On the other hand, Kate Gerwin @alchemistkate was born and raised in California's wine country, giving her a great appreciation for the region's wines.

Charlotte Voisey, a British bartender and spirits ambassador, was at the forefront of London's cocktail revival in the early 2000s. Moreover, Juyoung Kang @girlnamedju has been shaping America's cocktail scene for years—from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Another intriguing story is about Paula @paulalukas27, the Bar Manager and Head Bartender of Nur, a modern Middle Eastern restaurant. Lastly, we have Zachary Faden @spiritscurator, the Museum of the American Cocktail's Director of Spirits Curation and Education.

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Best Mixologist and Bartenders in August 2022

World's Best Mixologist of August 2022

Read the roundup for August’s best mixologists and bartenders here.

This month, you'll find mixologists with inspiring stories and generous enough to share their cocktail-making knowledge in the digital world.

First on the list is Tony Abou-Ganim @mdrnmixologist, who has received numerous accolades for his innovative and influential bartending. Also, Saeed Hawk @cocktailsbyhawk has spent the last decade working behind the bar in a wide range of different settings, from high-volume nightclubs to well-known craft cocktail bars in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. 

Another mixologist and content creator, Sajda @thirstywhale_, not only teaches his fans how to carve clear ice but also creates instructional videos on various drinks while injecting humor into his lessons. On the other hand, Bartender Natasha David @natashadavidxo is a creative pillar of New York's cocktail scene, having logged time at Maison Premiere and Mayahuel before opening her bar.

Yet another inspirational tale comes from Karen Grill @kaygrill, who started working at a beach café on the New Jersey shore at age 13. While Katie @jiggermetimbers also gave up her "day job" when she began bartending in Chicago.

Julianna McIntosh @joinjules was born and raised in California and started Join Jules, a platform for building a community around craft cocktails made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Natalie Milgliarini @beautifulbooze is an author, photographer, cocktail stylist, public speaker, and social media expert living in a small North Carolina town. 

Another interesting story is about Inka, who started teaching people about responsible drinking and the interesting stories behind each spirit when she was born in Finland, where strong advertising of alcohol was banned.

Lastly, Marisa Cicchini @whats.marisa.drinking is a content creator from Australia. Her feed contains brightly colored, well-clicked recipes focusing on fruity, refreshing mixers and lighter spirits.

Read the full August roundup.

Best Mixologist and Bartenders in July 2022

Best Mixologist and Bartenders in July 2022

Read the roundup for July’s best mixologists and bartenders are here.

With so many people vying for attention in the bar industry, mixology has become an art form in itself! For July, we’re featuring more of these legendary bartenders. Read on!

Elayne Duff is the founder and chief cocktail officer of a well-known company that produces high-quality drinks. Another craft cocktail builder, Natasha Mesa, is an award-winning bartender who won several awards with her cocktail as the brand’s official signature cocktail.

As one of the celebrated American-Italian mixologists, Jacopo Rosito is part of our monthly list of bartenders because he has come a long way from bartending to managing operations in 54Mint, a popular cocktail bar. Paul McGee also experienced similar growth and is now a co-owner of one of the best tiki bars in America.

The next two bartenders on our list, Jeffrey Morgenthaler and Jim Meehan, are both award-winning bartenders and authors of famous cocktail books. Another cocktail crafter we’re featuring is Anne Louise Marquis, who is the national brand ambassador for Pernod-Ricard USA.

Michael J. Neff made it to our list because he has been in the bartending scene since 1995 and has founded several famous bars. Matthew Biancaniello is a respected mixologist known for using only fresh ingredients when making his cocktails. He also has a Youtube channel called the Liquid Journeys.

The last on our list is an unexpected architecture graduate who fell in love with the hospitality business. Josh Suchan became a bartender and later founded a bar consulting firm aiming to teach its subscribers special cocktail menus and comprehensive training.

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Best Mixologist and Bartenders in June 2022

Best Mixologist and Bartenders in June 2022

Read the roundup for June’s best mixologists and bartenders here.

Mixology is a craft that requires creativity and is something that has been a trend around for a while. Mixologists are more than just bar staff—they are its heart and soul. You’ll find mixologists with different skills depending on where you are. In this post, we’ll feature 10 of the best mixologists for June!

One of our featured mixologists is the New Jersey-based mixologist and beverage consultant Frankie Medina @frankie.forreal. With over 13 years of experience in the bar industry, Frankie has developed an extensive experience in concocting drinks that fuses flavors and cultures through cocktails.

Another mixologist on our list is Robert J. Ferrara @robbiepeso. Known as a cocktail consultant, Robert is also a brand ambassador for Pernod Ricard USA, a wine and spirits organization globally renowned. 

Next is Ivy Mix @ivymix. Ivy's last name, Mix, relates so much to cocktails—a fitting name for an award-winning bartender who is also a co-owner of Leyenda. In a male-dominated bartending world, Ivy has also inspired people to rethink women's exemplary role behind the bar.

An inspiration you'd love to know is Lynnette Marrero @drinksat6, a top-notch mixologist, bartender, and philanthropist. Many of the world's nice bartenders are book authors—one of them is Julie Reiner @mixtressnyc has been advancing the cocktail scene in New York City since 2003, beginning in Flatiron Lounge.

In terms of drawing inspiration from Hawaiian culture in cocktail mixing, another bartender on our list has been featured at the annual Hawaiian Food and Wine Festival, Mimi Burnham @smartolivenyc. Meanwhile, Jen LaForge @jen.laforge is the top bartender and bar manager of the Blossom Bar at Sichuan Garden Restaurant. On the other hand, Samantha Casuga @labonitafunk is the mixologist queen at Temple Bar, a warm and open bar at 332 Lafayette Street, New York City.

Included on our list is Miranda Breedlove @glassisalwaysgruner. As a consultant and country-wide bar director at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Miranda is a well-known figure in the hospitality industry and is skilled in bar management and development. Lastly, we have Carley Noel Hansen @carleygaskin, an owner of Hospitality 201, which is an elite consulting and events firm that focuses on catering cocktails.

Read the full June roundup.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in May 2022

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in May

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of May here.   

Inspired by the wide range of flavors and drinks available in every corner, our list of mixologists has been pushing forward with creative concoctions. We've featured some innovators who continue to amaze us—whether they're creating new drink recipes or just embracing this trend!

First among them is the world-renowned bartender, Tom Lasher-Walker @oneminutemixology, who has dedicated his career to the food and beverage industry. He won the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition in 2014.

Next is Eryn Reece @erynreece, an American bartender with a passion for mixing and creating unique cocktail creations. Critics have praised her for having one-of-a-kind drink menus, which she distributes between two renowned New York City establishments - Banzabar (2013) & Freemans Restaurant(2014).

With a resume that includes reviving classic cocktails at The Rainbow Room and reinventing bartending, Dale DeGroff @kingcocktl is without question one of America's most influential mixologists.

Luis Narvaez-Ochoa @loiuie_louis has been making a name for himself in the bar, nightlife, and restaurant industry with over 12 years of experience. He's behind some successful openings, including North Jersey’s elite restaurants.

As a National Brand Ambassador for Wild Turkey, Benny Hurwitz @bennybourbon101 is responsible for promoting the bourbon whiskey brand across America. In addition to his work with this respected mixologist and barkeep at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington DC.

Following is Elissa Dunn @the.badass.bartender, who won top honors at Liquor 43 competition to being featured in Imbibe magazine and has proven herself as highly skilled with dedication behind her craft!

Included among our list of awesome mixologists is Shingo Gokan @shingo_gokan, a man of many talents. Not only does he own and operate one of the most successful bar companies in Japan, but his international resume includes being recognized as an expert on cocktails by competing against other top chefs in the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2012.

Jhonatan Cruz Torres @jhonatancruzt is one of the most talented and innovative bartenders in the world today. He has years of experience mixing drinks at some restaurants that can't be beaten.

Mixologist and author Brad Thomas Parsons @btparsons is best known for his books—Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All and Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittered Sweet Herbal Liqueurs Distillery Cats Profiles in Courageous Bartendenders On Their Final Drink and Wisdom Rituals Closing Time.

Last but not the least is Will Patton @ramseydanger, a man of many talents. After spending time in Chicago and New Orleans, he finally decided to return home–to D.C., where you can find him running Bresca as beverage director! 

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in April 2022

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of April here.

Mixologists and Bartenders in April

This month, we have featured innovators who continue to amaze us with each new drink they create and push forward on an already thriving trend: mixology!

First on the list is Guglielmo Miriello @guglielmomiriello. He is one of the world's best mixologists, and he has worked at prestigious hotels all around the globe, such as Bulgari and Excelsior Hotel Gallia. Next is Jack Sotti @jacksotti, an expert mixologist with ten years of experience who was ranked 3rd at the Diageo World Class cocktail competition.

Ronan Collins @whiskey4breakfast’s resume includes bartending in New York, Belfast, Dublin, Cape Town, and London. He now consults on drinks industry-related topics. Shannon Tebay @shannontebay is the new head bartender of The Savoy Hotel’s American Bar. This makes Tebay only the second woman to take up this role in the bar's 128-year history. 

Isabella Monika Lombardo @lifeofisabellalombardo is a bartender in Vienna who mixes classic cocktails with creative flair. She has also been awarded as the best bartender this year! Meanwhile, Alex Kratena @alex_kratena is an award-winning bartender who has made a name for himself with his work on the Muyu liqueurs and bars project Tayēr + Elementary.

Ian Burrell @therumambassador has been a professional basketball player and an award-winning "EduTainer" in the UK, who is now one of the most famous spirits ambassadors worldwide. David Palanque @davidpalanque has won awards for his bartending skills and is the head bartender at the newly opened Harry's Bar in Cannes.

Josh Linfitt @cocktailjosh is a bartender and brand ambassador who started his own company before returning to bartending as part of Adam Handling restaurant group.

Last but not the least, Jeremy Le Blanche @jeremy_leblanche is a cocktail prodigy from France. He currently works as the bar director for Thyme Bar in Manhattan, which focuses on unique flavor combinations and intricate presentation styles.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in March 2022

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of March here.  

World's Best Mixologists of March 2022

This month, our top ten list includes a mix of creative professionals from around the globe who have mastered their craft in creating unique drinks with special ingredients!

First on the list is Umit Kirmizialan @umittkirmizialan. He is a World Champion Mixologist that has been working in the beverage industry for 10 years. He has many unique and exciting recipes. Next is Ricardo Sousa @rickmixologist. He is a head mixologist who has trained in bartending for years and oversees the making of drinks, training other bartenders, and giving locals the best service.

Adal Marquez @adalmarquezbartender is also a head bartender who teaches at Cartagena University and serves as an ambassador of 1883 Maison Routin Spain. Leonardo Mistretta @cocktailsbyquentin is a professional bartender mixologist who has been entertaining customers with flair displays and delicious cocktails for almost 5 years now.

Yangdup Lama @thespiritedmonk, bartender extraordinaire, and owner of Delhi’s Sidecar bar, is one of the best bartenders in the world. Meanwhile, David Gran @mybar_by_david_gran, a bartender and mixologist in Germany, has built a following on his Instagram account for creative cocktail concoctions containing fruit and floral flavors.

Diego Ferrari @diegoferrari_cocktailart is a mixologist, author, and brand ambassador. He has been ranked as one of the best Italian bartenders in the world by Drink International Magazine. Bertalan Andrei @andrei.bertalan has taken to YouTube in order to show his flair and mixology skills that he's learned from around the globe.

Ilia Gorshkov @drinks_and_ilya started in the bartending world and became one of the best through private tutoring from Paolo Ponzo. Lastly, Eugene Sokolov has been a flair bartender for the past years, starting as just a regular bartender before being able to entertain customers with his impressive tricks.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in February 2022

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of February here.

World's Best Mixologists of February 2022

Do you know what's better than a great drink? A super-creative, top-notch mixologist! This February, there are some of the best bartenders in all worlds coming together to show you how it should be done. 

First on the list is The Cocktail Butcher @thecocktailbutcher. He is the head bartender at COYA Abu Dhabi, founder of Capital Bartenders, and is also an ambassador for Bottesi Bar Tools. Next is Moe Aljaff @schmuckordie, a struggling artist who was once scraping by with cheap pints of beer from Burger King and handing out flyers on the street of Amsterdam, has now opened his third venue in Barcelona.

Yancy Violi @yancyvioli is a bartender who has hosted cocktail experiences for Netflix, Coca-Cola, and the World's 50 Best. Meanwhile, Monica Berg @monicasuh is an award-winning bartender who has worked at Muyu Liqueurs and recently opened London bars with her partner Alex Kratena.

Demitria Dana Paramita @demitria_ramona is the head bartender of Skai Bar in Singapore. She has won many contests for her talent at mixing cocktails, including SG Bacardi Legacy Champion 2020 and Lady Amarena Global. Agung Prabowo @agprabs is co-founder of Penicillin, an award-winning bar that sources local ingredients and plants trees for each drink ordered.

Shelley Tai @kankantai is an acclaimed bartender who has won awards for her expertise in crafting signature drinks that reflect Hong Kong's cuisine. As of 2019, Kelsey Ramage @kelseyramagehas started her own cocktail bar in downtown Toronto. She also educates other bartenders to reduce waste by teaching them how to maintain more products that they produce.

Katie Auth @katie.sips, a bartender in New York City, has been working at Dear Irving on Hudson, Blue Quarter rooftop lounge near Central Park, and Talk Story Rooftop. Last on this month’s list is Natasha Sofia @natasha_sofia, a well-versed bartender who has now marked her 17th year of making cocktails and entertaining people behind the bar.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in January 2022

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of January here

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in January 2022

A new year marks a new set of world-famous and up-and-coming bartenders that are ready to showcase their talent and passion behind the bar. This month we featured some of the most outstanding barmen and how their stories can fuel the bartender in you. 

First on the list is Enrico Fiore @enrico_flower. He has been a competitor in international flair and mixology competitions for over six years, with more than 60 participants behind him. Luca Valentin @valentinluca started his career at 17 and has won competitions by bartending and competing in shows worldwide.

Ludovic Bretel is a master of cocktails who uses Instagram to highlight small producers and distillers. Next is Elon Soddu @elon_soddu, who has successfully been a bartender across Beaufort Bar and The Savoy’s and just recently opened his bar.

Matteo Zed @matteo.zed is a world-renowned bartender who has won multiple national and international titles. Maria Talaiporou @mary_talaiporou has worked at bars and restaurants, using her expertise in the business.

Meanwhile, Ran Van Ongevalle @ranvanongevalle is a well-seasoned bartender who won 1st place in the Bacardi Legacy Competition with his cocktail "Clarita." Dorijan Skoblar @dorijan_skoblar has a passion for mixology and flair bartending and is constantly coming up with new drinks to make.

Nazgul @nglkz is a bartender who likes to showcase power and creativity in her concoctions. Last but not least is Istvan Kovacs @istvanandonly, a bartender who has taken home many awards, including Hungarian Champion and Roadhouse Grand Finalist.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in December 2021

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of December here.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in December 2021

December is a time of celebration. After all, it's the month after Thanksgiving and Christmas are over! The best mixologists in this world are being recognized for their contributions to everyone's favorite thing - cocktails. 

First on our list is Ricardo Nava @ricardonavam. He is the head of Limantour Bar and Bartender Polanco ambassador for Diageo Reserve in Mexico. Next is Manuel Falconi @manuelfalconi, a bartender and hospitality ambassador for Barthenope. He also works at the Radici Clandestine.

David Rios @davidriosexperience is a bartender who has won awards and worked for 20 years in the hospitality industry. Oliver Deak @bartender_oliver_deak is a bartender with flair skills. He likes to mix flavors and play around with bottles. The winner of the Campari One To Watch 2019, Drink Kong, is an ode to Rome's own hirsute bartender Patrick Pistolesi @_thepisto_. 

Riccardo Rosi @riccardo_smith started his career as a runner and moved up to bar manager in 2 years. He then returned to Italy and worked for 5 years at Freni e Frizioni before opening La Punta Expendio de Agave with business partners. 

Beltrami Alessio @beltra.ale had no idea that his life would take this turn until fate led him to meet one of the best bartenders on the peninsula: Giacomo Giannotti! Vasilis Kyritsis @bkyritsis is a Greek bartender with 14 years of experience nominated as one of the best bartenders in 2017.

Tommasco Cecca @tommaso.cecca is a self-educated bartender and nightlife personality from Bari, Italy, who met Salvatore Calabrese, which paved the way for his international exposure. Marco Tordinac @marko_tordinac is a flair bartender that has won awards and continues to impress with his showmanship.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in November 2021

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of November here.

World's Best Mixologists Of November 2021

The best-selling drinks at any bar are the ones with a unique and interesting flavor profile. It's no wonder then that these mixologists have found success in their industry over time as they continue to bring us tasty beverages made from scratch using high-quality ingredients for your enjoyment!

First on the list is Simone Magagnato @simone_magagnato, a bartender and bar manager at The Kudetà. It is a cozy bar where you can enjoy some delicious Italian tapas and drinks. Next is Dennis Zoppi @denniszoppi. He is a bartender and entrepreneur who has been designing unique glasses for mixology and consulting many well-known brands.

Leandro DiMonriva @theeducatedbarlfy is a bartender and YouTube creator who shares his cocktail recipes and techniques with followers. A bartender's life is exciting and unpredictable. This is the main inspiration that drew Francesco D' Arienzo @francescoflorence to pursue this craft. The man is working at the Galaxy Bar, and he wants to enter it in a list of "Best 50 Bars”.

Noemi Duce @noemiduce is a flair bartender who likes to be in front of people and practices her tricks on the beach. Her creativity always shines through as she creates new and unique drinks every time. Kaitlyn Stewart @k8os is a Global Bartending Champion. In 2017, she was the first Canadian to win the prestigious World Class Global Bartender of The Year title.

Bannie Kang @bannie_k is a bartender with over 10 years of experience and crowned Bartender of the Year (Asia) at the DRiNK Awards. On the other hand, GN Chan @ggnchan is a bartender who finds success when he can captivate an audience with a cocktail. 

Next on our list is Loca Coppet @la.loca_. She is a bartender who likes to make drinks with fresh ingredients and new techniques. Lastly, we have Martin Hudak @martin_hudak, a global coffee ambassador for Mr. Black. He also wants to bridge the gap between caffeinated beverage and spirits communities.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in October 2021

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of October here.


It's no secret that there are more bartenders and mixologists than ever. This month's featured post will highlight 10 people who have helped bring joy through their cocktails worldwide!

This month's top featured bartender is Danil Nevsky @cocktailman. He is a bartender and vagabond that currently works as a consultant for mixologists. His latest project is traveling around Europe, presenting and teaching mixologists.

Next is Agung Prabowo @agprabs, a mixologist from Jakarta whose bar, The Old Man, won the top spot on Asia's 50 Best Bars list. He also opened Hong Kong's first sustainable bar. Darko Velichkovski @darkomeh is a mixologist and innovator who created innovative food and cocktail pairing menus in The Lond Project Dubai. 

Jessica Sanchez @semsanchez, a bartender from Latin America known for her cocktails and skills at Nakka Jardins in São Paulo, is considered the best of all bartenders around. She makes sure that all aspects of drink creation are carefully considered, including ice.

Next is Ash Lewis @professional_lush, who grew up wanting to be home-schooled because this way she could work in restaurants. She is a bartender who can be both creative and technical. João Costa  @joaopsbcosta loves to mix cocktails and wants people to have a personalized experience based on their favorite drinks

Morgan Raelin @morgan_raelin is a bartender who represents different alcohol brands, and she likes to experiment with colors and flavors. Valentino Longo @valentino_longo grew up interested in the restaurant business but found it challenging to work early mornings. He switched gears and became interested in cocktails instead.

Raul Guzman @raulbartender  is a bartender who teaches people the art of mixing cocktails. Last on this month's list is Lucas Kelm @lucasfkelm immigrated to Italy from Argentina and became a waiter. He then found his love of bartending and began competing across Europe. 

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in September 2021

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of September here.

World’s Best Mixologists Of September 2021

Classic cocktails never get old. However, in a fast-changing world, welcoming unique creations is inevitable. In this month’s round-up post, we feature bartenders who create cocktails with flavors and ingredients that you are not the usual.

First on our list is Sabrina Rodríguez @sabryrodriguezcuack. She is a bartender who works as the maipucina at Zitto restaurant and has dreams of becoming a sports journalist, but she loves mixing cocktails, and so she followed what her heart really desires. Next is MDFK Andi @mdfkandi, a bartender who likes to leave his mark on each of the drinks he makes by adding a personal touch to them.

Lauren Mote @laurenmote is a mixologist and sommelier who has made significant marks in the male-dominated industry. Meanwhile, Dimitra Adonakopoulou @dimitra_adonakopoulou is a bartender in Greece who experiments with cocktails and has worked at various restaurants.

Denny Bakiev @dennybakiev, a bartender and traveler, has created new cocktails based on the beauty of different places. Gerardo Marcogiuseppe @jerard.m is a bartender with great skill and passion for creating cocktails that are both delicious and visually appealing.

Raiza Carrera @raizacarrera, a Peruvian woman living in Barcelona for three years, is proud to show off her culture through the drinks she makes. A firm believer in crafting delicious and beautiful concoctions, The Rookie Bartender @baseldrinks crafts cocktails with a balance between aesthetics and taste.

Anny Barrera @annybarrera's career in bartending started at a young age and has faced many obstacles, but her passion for the craft doesn't stop her. Last on the list is Ivan Skyba @bartenderis_, a bartender and social media influencer who shares his skills with the world through TikTok and Instagram.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in August 2021

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of August here.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in August 2021

With mixologists starting to get recognition for their unique creations, we will highlight some of the leading individuals worldwide who are making it on top.

First on our list is Bad Birdy @bad_birdy. This woman captivates and entertains people with her one-woman show. This famous bartender has partnered with Jack Daniels, Hennessy, and Crown Royal Cazadores. Next is Deniss Trifanovs @denistrifans, a world-class mixologist from Latvia who made it big in flair bartending.

Emil Areng @emilareng is a mixologist from Sweden who has been crowned best bartender in the Bartender Choice Award and works for whiskey Johnnie Walker and Hernö Gin. Yan Agaev @the_barchitect is a bartender who has created signature cocktails, such as the port reduction. He is the director and founder of White Horse Lounge & Craft Bill.

After years in the hospitality industry, Brynn Smith @bartendingpretty found herself at the height of an international trend and made it her full-time profession as craft cocktails became popular. Chris Amirault @chrisamiam Amirault was working as a bartender before opening his bar in West Hollywood. In 2016 he was also crowned Ti'Punch Cup USA champ. 

Next is Anthony @antony_bertin_od. He attended a prestigious school for culinary arts in London and then moved south to work at La Table du Château d'Artigny, where he crafts their cocktails menu. James Grant @oldgrayrabbit, an Australian-born bartender who has made a significant contribution in his field, was awarded Canada's Bartender of the Year 2021.

Lulu St Germain @lulustgermain is a bartender who creates drinks as an homage to classic cocktails. She co-owns Cafe Moderne, a Parisian restaurant that specializes in drinking and meatballs. Last on our list for this month’s featured bartenders is Aaron Melendrez @requiem4adrink. Melendrez, who has a passion for bartending and wanted to make his family proud, transformed from serving customers behind the bar in LA into some of the best bars with bold Latin American flavors.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in July 2021

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World’s Best Mixologists Of July 2021

As mixologists get recognition for their unique creations, we will highlight some individuals worldwide who have made it on top.

First on our list is Matia Natale @matianatale_official. He is an expert bartender who has devoted his life to perfecting the art of flair bartending. He loves experimenting with different types and flavors of alcohol, which shows through his work and personal creations!

Simone Bodini @simonebodini1980 has enjoyed his time as Global Brand Ambassador for Stoli over these last few years. He’s seen some of the most exotic places in this world while spreading the word about bartending. 

Next is Hiroshi Ichikawa @hiroshi_ichikawa_flair, a bartender who knows every trick in the book. His craft flair will amaze and delight anyone lucky enough to watch him work! He also owns Rad Entertainment, one of Tokyo's top draws for hip young people. 

Remi Massai @frenchandstormy is the French and Stormy bar founder in France and has positioned himself as one of the best bars around with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. Meanwhile, Federico Pasian @federico.pasian has his online program where those who want to learn about winemaking can enroll for a webinar on alcoholic fermentation and fruit wines! 

Another great bartender is Yannick @your_modern_bartender, wherein he started his craft at 19 years old. After years of experience behind the bar and in the room service area, he got a place at the Grand Casino de Bruxelles as a bartender.

Marco Marchino Macelloni @marchino_barmanis a service industry veteran with an eye for detail. From his bar in Lucca, he has some of the best cocktails and Italian spirits to offer Italy, as well as Franklin '33 - one of many locals' favorite bars thanks to its inventive cocktail menu! 

Libby Lingua @oolalibby has always been a creative individual. She combined her skills as an experienced bartender with enthusiasm for fashion and marketing because of the hospitality industry that she loves so much.

Enrico Gonzato @vivimiscelato knows what it takes to make customers happy as an experienced bartender who completed training at the London School Of Excellence In Wines And Spirits (WSET).

Lastly, we have Ashly @missagave. Her lifelong fascination with agave spirits began when she first started bartending in Melbourne, Australia. She is now an expert and eager to spread the word about all things agave by educating people on these great drinks worldwide!

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in June 2021

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World’s Best Mixologists Of June 2021

The amount of creativity and passion that bartenders pour into every glass is a testament to how much they love and appreciate the industry they are in. In this monthly roundup, we featured the most outstanding barmen who have proven numerous times that their art is an exceptional one.

First on the list is Spencer Amereno Jr. @spenceramereno, a happy and poetic man who is fond of associating his cocktails with emotions and quotations. His bright personality radiates a positive vibe whenever he serves his customers.

A globally acclaimed bartender, Salvatore Calabrese @cocktailmaestro, has been gracing the stage for more than 40 years already. His expertise paved the way for him to make drinks for the rich, royalties, and most influential people in the world. He is also the previous president of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild.

Yeray Monforte @yeraymonforte started his journey in 2013 when he realized that mixing cocktails and being in the bar is what he truly likes to wake up to each day. Now, he is the owner and manager of Bad Company, a bar located in Madrid’s iconic Plaza de Callao, and is also a professor at Gastronomica GASMA university.

Next on our list is Tania Shamshur @tania.shamshur, who owns a bar called Edgar’s Flavors. The bar is centered on the concept of sharing conversations and memories over good cocktails and food. While they serve a wide array of drinks, Shamshur’s best choice and creation is their margarita.

The sky's the limit. Giacomo Giannotti @giacolomoris_ is a firm believer that bartenders can do anything they set their minds to. He has been in the industry for 30 years already. His passion for hospitality began in his small town in Carrara, where his family owned an ice cream shop. After studying, he moved to London and began training at some well-known bar companies such as Be at One and Eclipse Cocktail Bar.

Shantal Edumar @shantaledumar was born with a gift that made her sense of smell and taste more advanced. This innate skill enabled her concoctions to have a unique touch. She owns and manages Shaduu Mixology, a cocktail experience that is targeted for parties and events.

Kristof’s @kristofflair budding career in the world of flair bartending is unstoppable. This flair bartender from Las Vegas has proven his expertise multiple times as a six-time gold champion, joining more than 60 competitions worldwide. 

Starting his journey as a waiter, Oliver Deak @bartender_oliver_deak took the path of flair bartending after he was inspired by how bartenders can manipulate bar tools skillfully. After finishing his degree, he started joining competitions. One of his recent feats was winning the first spot for the World Series Bartender in 2016 after four challenging rounds.

While he has a stable job at a pharmaceutical company, Pedro Barriga @pedro_dabid wasn’t content and happy, so he took a leap of faith and pursued what he truly wanted - bartending. Now, he has already worked with 174 bars.

Aside from being a bartender and beverage consultant, Tyler Zielinski @bon_vivantito is also a freelance journalist. His works got the attention of Saveur Magazine as a finalist in their 2018 blog awards for Best New Voice. Since then, he has already been nominated and won several recognitions in the world of bartending.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in May 2021

Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of May here.Read the roundup for the best mixologists and bartenders of May here.

What goes into the delicious cocktails is the labor of each bartender’s humble beginning and story. In this monthly roundup, we have compiled the best bartenders who reached greater heights in crafting cocktails and showmanship behind the bar. 

Our first featured bartender is Zack Prohaska @zackprohaska, who owns and manages an online bartending school that aims to teach budding bartenders various skills and techniques in working as barmen. His company also offers other services such as cocktail catering and virtual cocktail parties. Aside from this, “the healthy bartender” also inspires his followers to stay fit and healthy.

Michael Moreni @michael_moreni’s passion for bartending prompted him to turn his hobby into a profession. He moved to London in 2017, where he exposed himself to several world-renowned bars such as the Roadhouse. During this time, he also took home third place at the Roadhouse World Grand Final competition. While being extremely busy, he still came up with his bartending school, the Extreme Masterclass.

The ingredients used in making cocktails play a significant role in the final product. This is what bartender Luis Inchaurraga @luisinchaurraga has always believed in. His experience in the hospitality management industry opened up opportunities to work and converse with winemakers, farmers, chemists, and distillers from different parts of the globe. There, he learned the vital role of raw materials to come up with unique and delicious concoctions. 

Free pouring is a trick learned through experience, and Christian Delpech @christiandelpech_official knows his way around this skill. A 19-time World Champion in Flair Bartending, Delpech began his career when he was inspired by Tom Cruise’s movie, “Cocktail.” After earning experience working in various bars in Spain, he started establishing his name. He has won several awards, such as the 2001 Legends of Bartending 3 Las Vegas, 2006 Road House Grand Finals London, and 2007 Skyy Global Challenge Grand Finals Monte Carlo.

Next on our list is a woman who is known for coming up with gorgeous and tasty cocktails. Stephanie Marinkovic @stephmarink has proven her expertise in bartending as the head bartender of Espaço 13. Meanwhile, for Andrea Franzó @andrewfranz, the world of cocktails and seeing his guests happy prompted him to be in this profession. His passion for bartending started when he was amazed at a bartender he saw in a restaurant in Syracuse. The next thing he knew, he was already establishing his name in different bars. 

Katie Auth @katie.sips never thought of being a bartender, but she found her way in this field when she moved to New York. Her determination opened up opportunities for her, such as working in prestigious bars, namely the Dear Irving on Hudson, Blue Quarter, and Talk Story Rooftop. She also incorporates a culinary mindset by using ingredients such as pesto and celery in her drinks.

Step_In_Heart (Palladino) @step_in_heart likes to create complex drinks to serve his customers. He is also fond of traveling to different places where he exposes himself to the different cultures that also inspires his concoction.

At the young age of 19, Samuel Kwok @kwok.samuel started bartending at the base level until he reached a top position as a bar manager. For three consecutive years, Kwok led the Quinary to earn the title of World’s 50 Best Bars. He has also won Champion of World Class Hong Kong & Macau 2017, where he competed in Mexico. 

Last on the list is Remy Savage @remy_savage, a bartender who likes to create minimalistic-looking cocktails. Besides being a fantastic bartender, he also manages and owns his business called 🔶🟥🔵 A Bar With Shapes For A Name.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in April 2021

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Various best mixologists in the world

Being a bartender already requires a handful of determination, skills, and time. Mastering a cocktail recipe or flair bartending doesn’t happen overnight. In this monthly roundup post, we have compiled the best bartenders who still manage to be great in the world of bartending while being excellent as entrepreneurs.

First on our list is Giorgio Chiarello @giorgiochiarello, a flair bartending champion who has brought home several championships such as the prestigious World Flair Association and Road House America’s Open. Aside from this, he has also graced several projects in Korea, Tokyo, and Yokohama in Japan. 

One of the women who has proven that multitasking is indeed possible is Alex Jump @axljump. While working as a head bartender at Death & Co Denver, one of the world’s high-end and well-known cocktail institutions, she is also the co-founder of Focus On Health and Seedlip’s ambassador.

Another globally acclaimed bartender is Giorgio Bargiani @giorgio_bar_giani. He is the head mixologist at the Connaught Bar in London. His humble beginnings started by working as a bartender in several local bars in Italy, but his passion and talent allowed him to reach greater heights.

David Gran @mybar_by_david_gran is a mixologist who has proven that age is never a hindrance to be exceptional in the world of bartending. Besides crafting unique cocktails, he also owns and manages a website where he showcases different recipes of his finest creations.

Another best bartender for this month is Vitaly Kolpin @vitaly_kolpin. He does not only craft concoctions but also founded Craft Bar Skills, a complete course for starting bartenders who want to improve their abilities. He has also conducted over 300 training programs and master classes all over the world. Plus, he is known as a lead instructor in several international bartender schools.

The second woman on the list is Millie Tang @millietang. Her bartending journey started when a friend lied about her skills and eventually got into one of Australia’s top-notch bars. Since then, she has never stopped reaching greater heights. She has won several international competitions, such as Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge 2019, Drinks World T25 Most Influential Top 100 2018, and Australian Bartender 100 Most Influential List 2019. 

The 7th bartender on the list is Manfredi Mezzo Muso Samperi @manfredisamperi, a bartender and owner of Al Settantasette. His bar features drinks loaded with complex flavors and distinct features. On the other hand, Tristan Stephenson @tristanstephenson is also a bartender and entrepreneur. He owns Black Rock, a whiskey bar that offers drinks for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. He also shares his knowledge of bartending through his podcast.

Next on our list is Plakidas Achilleas @achilleaspl, the head bartender and owner of Gorilla Bar and Kokonat Bay. Aside from these, he also owns and manages Pig Nose and Mahalo Food Truck. The former is a mobile cocktail bar, while the latter is a food truck catering service.

Lastly, we have Joshua Monaghan @_joshua_monaghan_, a bartender and co-owner of Big Mojito Sunday and Comunidad Bartenders bajio, which is a training class that provides courses in bartending.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in March 2021

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Various best mixologists in the world

Flair bartending requires years of practice, dedication, and a whole lot of patience. This art of entertaining guests through bar tools and drink mixes never comes easy. In this monthly roundup of the best mixologists and bartenders, we compiled another list of equally talented yet unique flair bartenders whose skills set them off on the world stage.

Our first featured flair bartender is Giorgio Facchinetti @facchinettigiorgio, who started his career in bartending in 2013 at a humble bar in his home Bonassola, Italy. A year after, he joined a television program, “Mixologist, The Challenge of Cocktails,” where he placed third. Soon enough, his hard work paid off as he was able to bag several championships from international flair competitions. 

Next on the list is Federica Geirola @feddyparamorecafe. This skilled woman never fails to amaze people with her skills in crafting and building cocktails. Her jolly personality also matches her craft as she likes to be in sync with the music when doing tricks and turns with her bar tools

Aside from entertaining guests through his showmanship, Ivan Usov @ivanusov_bartender also teaches flair bartending to those who want to learn this craft. Through his website, interested students can enroll and learn the basics while having a one-on-one mentorship with Usov himself! He also has his own YouTube channel where he shares more tricks and tips in flair bartending. 

Another young and promising bartender, Joris De Winder @jorisdewinderr, doesn’t shy away from concocting handmade and gorgeous-looking drinks that are posted in his IG account. Besides working as a bartender at Super Lyan, he is also generous to his followers by sharing tasty yet simple to make cocktails. 

A pro in the world of bartending, Max La Rocca @maxlaroccatribe has worked in several high-end hotels such as the Claridge’s Hotel and Harrods'  in London, the  Stravinskij Bar of the Hotel De Russie in Rome, the  Relais & Chateaux  “Sheen Falls Lodge” in Ireland, the  Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel in Barcelona, and ​​the Boutique Bar in the exclusive 5-star Ohla Hotel in Barcelona. He is also a consistent World Class Competition Ambassador for seven years!

Sao Paulo’s pride, Heitor Marin @heitormarin, likes to entertain guests through precise and accurate bar tools and liquor handling. While pouring drinks from different heights and angles is never easy, Marin sure does make it pretty simple. His showmanship is something you would crave.

While others found bartending to be their calling, it wasn’t the same for Steve Schneider @mightyschneidey. This world-class bartender started as a trainee for the U.S Marines, where he experienced an accident that changed his life forever. From his low point came the chance to learn to bartend, which helped him heal physically and emotionally. Now, he is the co-owner of the Employees Only branch in Singapore. 

Dario Comini @dariocomini, known as Italy’s godfather of molecular mixology, owns and operates Nottingham Forest, a bar and restaurant with Caribbean-English-Italian fusion. Comini’s expertise in crafting experimental cocktails can be traced from his father, whom we considered one of his mentors and most significant influence. 

Another girl power on the list, the duo Johnny & Neka @cocktailbandits, share female empowerment through their passion for bartending and food and beverage. Known as the curly ladies, they use social media as a platform where they can share their recipes and events with the community. 

Lastly, professional flair bartender Maksim Vishnivetskiy @m_vishnivetskiy is an excellent example of how creativity and body coordination can create beautiful shows. With his hands, arms, and body, he is always able to deliver flawless bartending tricks to the guests and audience.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders in February 2021

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Various best mixologists in the world

Talent and skills can only get you so far in the world of bartending. But it is the passion and dedication that you have in this craft that will make you reach greater heights. In this monthly roundup of the best mixologists and bartenders, we feature people from different parts of the world whose love for mixology made them the best in the industry. 

Starting off our list is Joey The Bartender @joey_the_bartender, a bar manager at the House of Gods Hotel in Scotland who has been working with his cocktail recipes that made the hotel’s bar win several awards, including the Sunday Times Hotel of the Year in 2020. Joey is also known for his complicated-sounding mixes that are relatively easy to make.

Next on the list is Alessandro Fichera @mr.fichera, a bartender at the Al Portio di Fratelli Burgio. The place is known for its 24/7 operating hours situated in the bay area. Alessandro is one of the in-house bartenders that serves cocktails with a unique twist. One of the drinks in the bar is even named after him!

One of the most well-known bartenders globally is none other than Vladymr Buryanov, aka Vlad SlickBartender @slickbartender_. The SlickBartender is a degree holder from the prestigious Miami Bartender School, where he mastered his skills in mixology, working flair, and bartending. He is also known for his YouTube account, which has 500K subscribers, and his TikTok account with more than 6M subscribers. He creates terrific videos centered on cocktail recipes, tips and tricks in bartending, and more. 

This young and promising bartender known as Mr. Tolmach @mr.tolamch is another creative mind in mixing cocktails, as seen on his YouTube channel with more than 450K subscribers! He features various classic cocktail recipes with his added flare, making them a whole new drink.

Next on the list is one of the most skilled flair bartenders from Milan, Nick Alampi @nick_alampi. His love for bartending is evident when he tosses bar tools in the air and masters his craft, even while on vacation. Meanwhile, Flippo Tadei @flippotadei is a bartender and co-founder of the restaurant Abanik Bar where various dishes are paired with sweet, tangy, and hard cocktails. His restaurant also offers 2-hour tasting classes, where the participants get to try and make three different cocktails.

Another bartender on the list is Bruno Vanzan, a world-renowned mixologist that won international awards such as the Bacardi and Martini World Champion. He was also named as one of the top 10 barmen in the world last 2010. Bruno and his team were known for serving 10,000 cocktails in 45 minutes for an Amway event in Dubai.

One of the names that always ring a bell in the world of mixology is Israel Diaz @israwolfdiaz. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Diaz finally opened his bar, the Alquimista Cocktail Room, which features delectable dishes and handmade concoctions. He was also appointed as the Ambassador of Riviera Nayarit and a collaborator in MasterChef Mexico.

Next on the list is Karim Aly of Bar Chemistry @bar.chemistry, a young professional bartender that has already worked in various bars in the UK, Australia, and Italy. He also creates cocktail recipes that have fruity and floral notes. Last but not least, we have Atilla Iskifoglu @atilabarman, a Turkish world champion flair bartender. He has performed in front of Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden, Madonna, and John Travolta. He also won the European Flair Champion in first place for four consecutive years.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of January 2021

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of January 2021

In our monthly roundups, we put the spotlight on the best mixologists out there. As we get 2021 underway, our very first batch of trailblazers and trendsetters are from the world of flair bartending, with different stories behind each amazing journey as they bring their mixology prominence to new heights.

First on the list is Jose Manuel Antelo @antelojm of Spain, CEO of the International Barman Academy, the first online bartending training platform. Jose Manuel is also the Brand Marketing Manager of, an online guide for the best cocktails and bars in Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, and Florence. Jose Manuel Antelo also has extensive experience in training, strategic communication, online marketing, and advertising.

Next is Flair Project @flair_projectsb, a full-service beverage company offering a variety of bar services from catering private events to cocktail catering consulting. It is owned and founded by Ivo Peshev, a mixologist who was born and raised in Bulgaria. Then we have Andrey Zhytniuk @andryuflair, a flair bartender from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. Andrey rose to fame as part of the tandem Flair Bro Show and as a mixologist at bunkermuz.bc, a local restobar and events hub.

Next is Russia’s Alexander Shtifanov @a_shtifanov, a multi-World Champion in Flair Bartending and is considered the country’s best. For the better half of this decade, Alexander has bagged countless major awards in flair bartending competitions and is now holding masterclasses and creating content on YouTube.

UK’s Rich Woods, aka The Cocktail Guy @the_cocktailguy, is an award-winning bartender known for his unique creations and pioneering approach to mixology. He is co-owner at Scout London, a world-class seasonal cocktail bar, and Weapons And Toys, a drink, design, and creative studio. In 2017, Rich published a book titled “The Cocktail Guy: Infusions, Distillations and Innovative Combinations''.

If you’re into flair bartending, you’ve probably heard of Tom Dyer @tomdyerbartender, arguably the most decorated flair bartender of all time. After earning an insane collection of accolades, Tom transitioned from competing to judging, and he is also now part of the European Bartending School Board of Education and has so far trained over 1,000 bartenders. Another household name in the world of flair bartending is Akim Dagdzhyiev @akimbaflair, a multi-champion and online masterclass guru. He owns Akimba Flair, a 5-star online bartender school, in which he currently has more than 800 students worldwide.

We also featured four-time World Champion flair bartender Marek Posluszny @marek_posluszny, who is also the owner of  Ten Bar Cocktails & Friends, a cocktail bar in his native city of Warsaw, Poland, and co-owner of Flair Factory, a bartending agency that covers over 65 countries. For 8 years Marek has organized a bartending camp in southern Spain where he invites bartenders from all over the world.

The only rose among the thorns is Olya Sabanina @olyasabanina, a two-time World Roadhouse World Tandem Champion (2018, 2019) and mixology content creator. Olya is famous for her fun and wacky bartending videos which are mostly featured on her Instagram. Recently, she’s been busy being the brand ambassador and mixologist for Firestarter Beverages, featuring cocktails that play around with vodka, gin, and rum.

And last but not least, we have Dario Di Carlantonio @dariodicarlantonio, a veteran in the most prestigious clubs in the capital city of Rome and a perennial favorite in hundreds of big-league competitions around Europe and the world. Last year, he founded the DiCarlantonio Bartender School which teaches bartending courses and holds bartending workshops with other world-renowned mixologists.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of December 2020

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Best Mixologiest and Bartenders of December 2020

We feature the best mixologists the world can offer in our monthly lists, and our final selection for this year makes for a fitting end to an amazing year in mixology. Different stories from different corners of the world, all for the love of cocktails, bars, and everything in between.

Starting off our December list is Nathan Ford, owner and Chief Bartender of Old Fashioned Events @oldfashionedevents, a private events company that brings 1930’s prohibition-style whiskey pop-up bars to parties and special occasions in Australia. Seriously, how cool is that? We also have Heather, also known as the Cocktail Contessa @cocktail_contessa. Her mission is to introduce more people to whiskey and make whiskey cocktails fun, tasty, and easy for people to experiment with.

Victor Weber @victor_weberfr is a French mixologist who co-founded the Maison Alphonse, a premium ready-to-drink cocktail brand based in France. Meanwhile, Marco Dongi @cocktailsbymarcodongi calls himself a “travel bartender” and currently ranks 6th in the list of 30 Best Bartenders Under 30 in Italy. Then there’s Tiger Chang @tigerchang_. Yes, that’s his name, and yes he’s way cooler than what you’d expect. Tiger has built his mixology reputation in Asia with jaw-dropping flair and showmanship. 

Mario Farulla @mariofarulla is the bar manager at Baccano in Rome, named the 3rd Best Cocktail Bar in Italy and he was named the Best Bar Manager. Another award-winning fellow is Agostino Perrone @agodragos, Master Mixologist at The Connaught Bar in Mayfair, London. Agostino has won back-to-back European Mixologist of the Year awards in 2016 and 2017. Silvia Daniela Istrate @silviadanielaistrate has been making waves in flair bartending at the national and international level. She even performed on Romania’s Got Talent and also organizes Flair and Bartending MasterClasses.

Do you know an 18th-century pharmacist and alcohol connoisseur named Thomas Henry? Germany’s hottest refreshment and cocktails company, Thomas Henry @thomashenryofficial is named after him. They call themselves “a brand from bartenders for bartenders”. And last but not the least, Moe Aljaff @schmuckordie is Co-Founder & Owner at Two Schmucks in Barcelona, an easygoing dive bar that plays hip-hop and where bartenders wear flip-flops, but they still serve amazing cocktails and a lot more.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of November 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of November 2020

Cocktail creation requires personality, passion, and a brave take on what you believe in. This is the theme for this month’s roundup - highly-talented mixologists and bartenders who don't want to be boxed in. 

Let’s take look at Ryan Chetiyawardana @mrlyan who makes cocktails without ice and perishables like fruits and vegetables. Get to know Nicole Giampino @not_your_barmaid whose equality campaigns resonate in her IG account with as much exposure as her cocktails. Meet Hsin-Kai Huang @gado_huang, biotechnologist-turned-bartender/endorser from Taiwan. Nico de Soto @nico2soto the wanderlust mixologist and bar owner who got his spot on our roundup because he doesn’t want to conform to social norms.

Another bartender who broke the mold is Adriana Pino @dripino whose love for Tabasco will surely titillate your senses. Discover Marian Beke’s @marian_beke secret to earning a spot in the World’s 50 Best Bars in just 6 months after opening his bar, The Gibson. Also, check out how three bars gathered into one place! Nightjar @nightjar who set aside competition and worked together to deliver ready-to-drink cocktails amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here is one example of good karma. Erik Lorincz helped a fellow Slovakian who wanted to be a bartender and now, they’re both reaping the fruits of their labor. Simone Caporale @simonecaporale_ is best known for his classic cocktails garnished with aromatic-filled bubbles. Lastly, we have Rachel Korinek @twolovesstudio, food photographer and cocktail lover who teaches food enthusiasts the art of getting amazing shots.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of October 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of October 2020

For the October issue of the best mixologists and bartenders, we included some familiar faces you see in bartending competitions and various social media platforms. Take for example Steven Roennfeldt @stevethebartender, a YouTube sensation known for his creative cocktails and whose presence on Instagram cannot be ignored. Special mention is given to our collaborator Kamilah White @intoxicakes whose boozy dessert creations are making waves in Chicago. Be mesmerized by Bartender Yang’s graceful moves while mixing her amazing drinks. Two other women found an outlet to their passion for making cocktails in the IG space: Melisa Lapido @melisa_boozy-cures and Helen Williams @sheshedcocktails who both showcase creativity through their unique cocktails.

Also, meet the award-winning bartender and mixologist Tomek Malek @tomekmalek who continues to spread his love for cocktails and flair bartending through his training school. Learn why Jordan Hughes @highproofpreacher went from preacher to full-time photographer and cocktail creator. Find out Josue Romero @the_garnishguy reasons for leaving the safer route of the corporate world to become a bartender and cocktail consultant. Another multitalented bartender Jason F. Yu @jasonfyu continues to grow his love in photography but is now using his cocktail creations as his subject. If you love everything Scottish, you’ll also love the drinks of Jack Jamieson @scottishmixology.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of September 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of September 2020

We brought the September issue a notch higher by getting up close and personal with our featured mixologists. Check out Liz McGray’s brunch adventures @bloodymaryobsessed, Iris Shafie @meine_auslese’s wine tours and seminars, Minibar Delivery @minibardelivery’s professional bartending offers in select locations in the US, Eric Castro @bartenderatlarge’s podcast and cocktails, and Matt Hollidge @theamateurmixologist’s award-winning cocktails.

We also featured @cocktailswithme and his lovely creations, @barmaxla whose two-chambered bottled cocktails are making waves on IG, and Matthew Bull and his computer artworks inspired by the cocktails he made. We have also two authors whose cocktails inspired them to write something to share with their readers. Visit Natalie Migliarini’s IG account @beautifulbooze and Ashley Rose Conway’s @craftandcocktails for more details about their books.

For more info on them, read our September's best mixologists.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of August 2020

Take a look at the best mixologists and bartenders of August here

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of August 2020

For our pioneer article, we featured one of our collaborators, Lanique Rose Liqueur, which is making raves on Instagram because of its lovely cocktails and Lanique-infused food. We also have the colorful and awe-inspiring cocktails of equally adventurous cocktailgrammers @cheerstohappyhour, @the_margarita_mum, @what’s.marisa.drinking, and

Check out also the IG accounts @gin_robb, @veermasterberlin, @cocktailpete, @lelabbo, and @letsturnup to learn more about how these inspiring mixologists and bartenders that completed the roundup for August’s Best Mixologists.

Nominations Open

If you want to nominate someone (or even yourself) in our monthly roundups of the best mixologists and bartenders, do not hesitate to email us at and wait for our reply in 48 hours.

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