Best Bartenders & Mixologists In The World (Updated February 2021)

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Best Bartenders & Mixologists in the World

We love cocktails and we adore the mixologists and bartenders who create them. Cocktail creation is both a science and an art. Knowing when to add a specific ingredient, understanding the flavor profile, figuring out the nuances of each liquor, spice, fruit and blending them together into one amazing drink is a skill on its own.

In our quest to look for the best mixologists and bartenders in the world, we aim to spark the creativity in you with this monthly roundup. It is our goal to introduce this myriad of newbie and professional artists who makes beautiful and delicious cocktails. So aesthetically pleasing that it’s almost a sin not to drink them.

We’re updating this page monthly, so check this out every first week of the month. We really appreciate the love, so visit our IG account @advancedmixology for more amazing cocktails.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders in February 2021

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Various best mixologists in the world

Talent and skills can only get you so far in the world of bartending. But it is the passion and dedication that you have in this craft that will make you reach greater heights. In this monthly roundup of the best mixologists and bartenders, we feature people from different parts of the world whose love for mixology made them the best in the industry. 

Starting off our list is Joey The Bartender @joey_the_bartender, a bar manager at the House of Gods Hotel in Scotland who has been working with his cocktail recipes that made the hotel’s bar win several awards, including the Sunday Times Hotel of the Year in 2020. Joey is also known for his complicated-sounding mixes that are relatively easy to make.

Next on the list is Alessandro Fichera @mr.fichera, a bartender at the Al Portio di Fratelli Burgio. The place is known for its 24/7 operating hours situated in the bay area. Alessandro is one of the in-house bartenders that serves cocktails with a unique twist. One of the drinks in the bar is even named after him!

One of the most well-known bartenders globally is none other than Vladymr Buryanov, aka Vlad SlickBartender @slickbartender_. The SlickBartender is a degree holder from the prestigious Miami Bartender School, where he mastered his skills in mixology, working flair, and bartending. He is also known for his YouTube account, which has 500K subscribers, and his TikTok account with more than 6M subscribers. He creates terrific videos centered on cocktail recipes, tips and tricks in bartending, and more. 

This young and promising bartender known as Mr. Tolmach @mr.tolamch is another creative mind in mixing cocktails, as seen on his YouTube channel with more than 450K subscribers! He features various classic cocktail recipes with his added flare, making them a whole new drink.

Next on the list is one of the most skilled flair bartenders from Milan, Nick Alampi @nick_alampi. His love for bartending is evident when he tosses bar tools in the air and masters his craft, even while on vacation. Meanwhile, Flippo Tadei @flippotadei is a bartender and co-founder of the restaurant Abanik Bar where various dishes are paired with sweet, tangy, and hard cocktails. His restaurant also offers 2-hour tasting classes, where the participants get to try and make three different cocktails.

Another bartender on the list is Bruno Vanzan, a world-renowned mixologist that won international awards such as the Bacardi and Martini World Champion. He was also named as one of the top 10 barmen in the world last 2010. Bruno and his team were known for serving 10,000 cocktails in 45 minutes for an Amway event in Dubai.

One of the names that always ring a bell in the world of mixology is Israel Diaz @israwolfdiaz. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Diaz finally opened his bar, the Alquimista Cocktail Room, which features delectable dishes and handmade concoctions. He was also appointed as the Ambassador of Riviera Nayarit and a collaborator in MasterChef Mexico.

Next on the list is Karim Aly of Bar Chemistry @bar.chemistry, a young professional bartender that has already worked in various bars in the UK, Australia, and Italy. He also creates cocktail recipes that have fruity and floral notes. Last but not least, we have Atilla Iskifoglu @atilabarman, a Turkish world champion flair bartender. He has performed in front of Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden, Madonna, and John Travolta. He also won the European Flair Champion in first place for four consecutive years.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of January 2021

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of January 2021

In our monthly roundups, we put the spotlight on the best mixologists out there. As we get 2021 underway, our very first batch of trailblazers and trendsetters are from the world of flair bartending, with different stories behind each amazing journey as they bring their mixology prominence to new heights.

First on the list is Jose Manuel Antelo @antelojm of Spain, CEO of the International Barman Academy, the first online bartending training platform. Jose Manuel is also the Brand Marketing Manager of, an online guide for the best cocktails and bars in Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, and Florence. Jose Manuel Antelo also has extensive experience in training, strategic communication, online marketing, and advertising.

Next is Flair Project @flair_projectsb, a full-service beverage company offering a variety of bar services from catering private events to cocktail catering consulting. It is owned and founded by Ivo Peshev, a mixologist who was born and raised in Bulgaria. Then we have Andrey Zhytniuk @andryuflair, a flair bartender from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. Andrey rose to fame as part of the tandem Flair Bro Show and as a mixologist at bunkermuz.bc, a local restobar and events hub.

Next is Russia’s Alexander Shtifanov @a_shtifanov, a multi-World Champion in Flair Bartending and is considered the country’s best. For the better half of this decade, Alexander has bagged countless major awards in flair bartending competitions and is now holding masterclasses and creating content on YouTube.

UK’s Rich Woods, aka The Cocktail Guy @the_cocktailguy, is an award-winning bartender known for his unique creations and pioneering approach to mixology. He is co-owner at Scout London, a world-class seasonal cocktail bar, and Weapons And Toys, a drink, design, and creative studio. In 2017, Rich published a book titled “The Cocktail Guy: Infusions, Distillations and Innovative Combinations''.

If you’re into flair bartending, you’ve probably heard of Tom Dyer @tomdyerbartender, arguably the most decorated flair bartender of all time. After earning an insane collection of accolades, Tom transitioned from competing to judging, and he is also now part of the European Bartending School Board of Education and has so far trained over 1,000 bartenders. Another household name in the world of flair bartending is Akim Dagdzhyiev @akimbaflair, a multi-champion and online masterclass guru. He owns Akimba Flair, a 5-star online bartender school, in which he currently has more than 800 students worldwide.

We also featured four-time World Champion flair bartender Marek Posluszny @marek_posluszny, who is also the owner of  Ten Bar Cocktails & Friends, a cocktail bar in his native city of Warsaw, Poland, and co-owner of Flair Factory, a bartending agency that covers over 65 countries. For 8 years Marek has organized a bartending camp in southern Spain where he invites bartenders from all over the world.

The only rose among the thorns is Olya Sabanina @olyasabanina, a two-time World Roadhouse World Tandem Champion (2018, 2019) and mixology content creator. Olya is famous for her fun and wacky bartending videos which are mostly featured on her Instagram. Recently, she’s been busy being the brand ambassador and mixologist for Firestarter Beverages, featuring cocktails that play around with vodka, gin, and rum.

And last but not least, we have Dario Di Carlantonio @dariodicarlantonio, a veteran in the most prestigious clubs in the capital city of Rome and a perennial favorite in hundreds of big-league competitions around Europe and the world. Last year, he founded the DiCarlantonio Bartender School which teaches bartending courses and holds bartending workshops with other world-renowned mixologists.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of December 2020

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Best Mixologiest and Bartenders of December 2020

We feature the best mixologists the world can offer in our monthly lists, and our final selection for this year makes for a fitting end to an amazing year in mixology. Different stories from different corners of the world, all for the love of cocktails, bars, and everything in between.

Starting off our December list is Nathan Ford, owner and Chief Bartender of Old Fashioned Events @oldfashionedevents, a private events company that brings 1930’s prohibition-style whiskey pop-up bars to parties and special occasions in Australia. Seriously, how cool is that? We also have Heather, also known as the Cocktail Contessa @cocktail_contessa. Her mission is to introduce more people to whiskey and make whiskey cocktails fun, tasty, and easy for people to experiment with.

Victor Weber @victor_weberfr is a French mixologist who co-founded the Maison Alphonse, a premium ready-to-drink cocktail brand based in France. Meanwhile, Marco Dongi @cocktailsbymarcodongi calls himself a “travel bartender” and currently ranks 6th in the list of 30 Best Bartenders Under 30 in Italy. Then there’s Tiger Chang @tigerchang_. Yes, that’s his name, and yes he’s way cooler than what you’d expect. Tiger has built his mixology reputation in Asia with jaw-dropping flair and showmanship. 

Mario Farulla @mariofarulla is the bar manager at Baccano in Rome, named the 3rd Best Cocktail Bar in Italy and he was named the Best Bar Manager. Another award-winning fellow is Agostino Perrone @agodragos, Master Mixologist at The Connaught Bar in Mayfair, London. Agostino has won back-to-back European Mixologist of the Year awards in 2016 and 2017. Silvia Daniela Istrate @silviadanielaistrate has been making waves in flair bartending at the national and international level. She even performed on Romania’s Got Talent and also organizes Flair and Bartending MasterClasses.

Do you know an 18th-century pharmacist and alcohol connoisseur named Thomas Henry? Germany’s hottest refreshment and cocktails company, Thomas Henry @thomashenryofficial is named after him. They call themselves “a brand from bartenders for bartenders”. And last but not the least, Moe Aljaff @schmuckordie is Co-Founder & Owner at Two Schmucks in Barcelona, an easygoing dive bar that plays hip-hop and where bartenders wear flip-flops, but they still serve amazing cocktails and a lot more.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of November 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of November 2020

Cocktail creation requires personality, passion, and a brave take on what you believe in. This is the theme for this month’s roundup - highly-talented mixologists and bartenders who don't want to be boxed in. 

Let’s take look at Ryan Chetiyawardana @mrlyan who makes cocktails without ice and perishables like fruits and vegetables. Get to know Nicole Giampino @not_your_barmaid whose equality campaigns resonate in her IG account with as much exposure as her cocktails. Meet Hsin-Kai Huang @gado_huang, biotechnologist-turned-bartender/endorser from Taiwan. Nico de Soto @nico2soto the wanderlust mixologist and bar owner who got his spot on our roundup because he doesn’t want to conform to social norms.

Another bartender who broke the mold is Adriana Pino @dripino whose love for Tabasco will surely titillate your senses. Discover Marian Beke’s @marian_beke secret to earning a spot in the World’s 50 Best Bars in just 6 months after opening his bar, The Gibson. Also, check out how three bars gathered into one place! Nightjar @nightjar who set aside competition and worked together to deliver ready-to-drink cocktails amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here is one example of good karma. Erik Lorincz helped a fellow Slovakian who wanted to be a bartender and now, they’re both reaping the fruits of their labor. Simone Caporale @simonecaporale_ is best known for his classic cocktails garnished with aromatic-filled bubbles. Lastly, we have Rachel Korinek @twolovesstudio, food photographer and cocktail lover who teaches food enthusiasts the art of getting amazing shots.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of October 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of October 2020

For the October issue of the best mixologists and bartenders, we included some familiar faces you see in bartending competitions and various social media platforms. Take for example Steven Roennfeldt @stevethebartender, a YouTube sensation known for his creative cocktails and whose presence on Instagram cannot be ignored. Special mention is given to our collaborator Kamilah White @intoxicakes whose boozy dessert creations are making waves in Chicago. Be mesmerized by Bartender Yang’s graceful moves while mixing her amazing drinks. Two other women found an outlet to their passion for making cocktails in the IG space: Melisa Lapido @melisa_boozy-cures and Helen Williams @sheshedcocktails who both showcase creativity through their unique cocktails.

Also, meet the award-winning bartender and mixologist Tomek Malek @tomekmalek who continues to spread his love for cocktails and flair bartending through his training school. Learn why Jordan Hughes @highproofpreacher went from preacher to full-time photographer and cocktail creator. Find out Josue Romero @the_garnishguy reasons for leaving the safer route of the corporate world to become a bartender and cocktail consultant. Another multitalented bartender Jason F. Yu @jasonfyu continues to grow his love in photography but is now using his cocktail creations as his subject. If you love everything Scottish, you’ll also love the drinks of Jack Jamieson @scottishmixology.

Best Mixologists and Bartenders of September 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of September 2020

We brought the September issue a notch higher by getting up close and personal with our featured mixologists. Check out Liz McGray’s brunch adventures @bloodymaryobsessed, Iris Shafie @meine_auslese’s wine tours and seminars, Minibar Delivery @minibardelivery’s professional bartending offers in select locations in the US, Eric Castro @bartenderatlarge’s podcast and cocktails, and Matt Hollidge @theamateurmixologist’s award-winning cocktails.

We also featured @cocktailswithme and his lovely creations, @barmaxla whose two-chambered bottled cocktails are making waves on IG, and Matthew Bull and his computer artworks inspired by the cocktails he made. We have also two authors whose cocktails inspired them to write something to share with their readers. Visit Natalie Migliarini’s IG account @beautifulbooze and Ashley Rose Conway’s @craftandcocktails for more details about their books.

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of August 2020

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Best Mixologists and Bartenders of August 2020

For our pioneer article, we featured one of our collaborators, Lanique Rose Liqueur, which is making raves on Instagram because of its lovely cocktails and Lanique-infused food. We also have the colorful and awe-inspiring cocktails of equally adventurous cocktailgrammers @cheerstohappyhour, @the_margarita_mum, @what’s.marisa.drinking, and

Check out also the IG accounts @gin_robb, @veermasterberlin, @cocktailpete, @lelabbo, and @letsturnup to learn more about how these inspiring mixologists and bartenders that completed the roundup for August’s Best Mixologists.

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