Various best mixologists in the world

World’s Best Mixologists Of March 2021

Various best mixologists in the world

While the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, we, on the other hand, won’t allow you to recover from another list of the best bartenders and mixologists. These people and personalities are a real testament to talent and creativity.

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1. Giorgio Facchinetti

Giorgio Facchinetti holding a glass of cocktail

Giorgio Facchinetti @facchinettigiorgio, is a flair bartender whose journey to the craft of mixing cocktails started in 2013 at the Smash Bar in the small Ligurian town in Bonassola, Italy. 

By 2014, he realized that this is the career he wanted to pursue. After being an instructor in the Flair Academy, he joined the television program Mixologist, The Challenge of Cocktails, where he placed third. 

Over the years, this professional flair bartender has gained numerous recognitions, such as reaching the second place at the International Flair Competition in France and the Just Flair League in Poland. He also finished twice in the Top 10 at the Loolapaloosa World Flair Championship.

2. Federica Geirola

Federica Geirola mixing a cocktail

Federica Geirola @feddyparamorecafe, a flair bartender from Italy, likes to show her prowess in entertaining guests by doing several tricks alongside the beat of accompanying music. Geirola is one of those flair bartenders who surely know how to ride in sync with the rhythm’s lows and highs. 

This talented woman also likes to show off what she got by practicing flair bartending in public places like beside the beach and even in a supermarket! Furthermore, she never forgets to always include #womenempowerment in her posts, sending out a message that bartending knows no gender.

3. Ivan Usov

Ivan Usov holding a glass of drink and cocktail spoon

Aside from doing his tricks to entertain guests, Ivan Usov @ivanusov_bartender also makes sure that he gets this talent across through teaching. 

This two-time Tandem World Champion facilitates a bartending training program through his website, where he offers two types of classes. One is the basics in which he teaches the fundamentals of flair bartending and the VIP version, where the student gets to have one-on-one training with Ivan himself. 

However, for Usov, conducting paid classes is not enough. Through YouTube, he uploads tutorial videos of flair bartending for those who might not have the means yet to enroll but still want to learn how this type of business works.

4. Joris De Winder

Joris De Winder pouring liquor into a jigger

Joris De Winder @jorisdewinderr is a bartender hailing from the city of Amsterdam. His skills in mixing concoctions are advanced and on-point. 

A great example of this is the Flower Power, a beautiful cocktail made of Havana Club, green tea jasmine, lime juice, jasmine syrup, and egg whites. He also shares his personal and handmade cocktail creations on his IG account. 

Aside from teasing his followers with gorgeous and tasty drinks, he also works as a bartender at Super Lyan, a bar known for its purple aesthetics and notable drinks such as Lyan, Cub, Dandelyan, Lyaness.  

5. Max La Rocca

Max La Rocca spraying scent into paper

It takes years of practice and discipline to be great in the world of bartending, and Max La Rocca @maxlaroccatribe is a testament to that. Before being a well-known and sought-after bartender, he underwent several competitions and hours of training. But as they say, hard work pays off. 

Max has worked in several high-end hotels such as the Claridge’s Hotel and Harrods' in London, the Stravinskij Bar of the Hotel De Russie in Rome, the Relais & Chateaux “Sheen Falls Lodge” in Ireland, the Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel in Barcelona, and ​​the Boutique Bar in the exclusive five-star Ohla Hotel in Barcelona.

For seven years straight, he also hailed as the World Class Competition Ambassador for Europe, where he was the speaker, mentor, trainer, and judge of cocktail competitions. His skills in crafting cocktails also provided a platform for his recipes to be featured in well-known cocktail books.

6. Heitor Marin

Heitor Marin pouring liquor into the glass

Heitor Marin @heitormarin is a flair bartender in Sao Paulo who never fails to amaze his clients every time he shows his tricks. He likes to showcase his talent and precision in throwing bottles or pouring a drink at a distance in his Instagram account. 

While doing all these jaw-dropping shows, no spills or mistakes are apparent. In short, everything he does is flawless. Marin also works as the head bartender for SEEN, a bar-restaurant that serves high-end cuisine and cocktails.

7. Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider on a bar

Not everyone chooses to become a bartender. Some just found this calling due to certain events in their lives. One of those people is Steve Schneider @mightyschneidey

Even before raising the roof as one of the world-acclaimed bartenders, Schneider trained to be a part of the U.S Marines. However, on a particular night out, he got into an accident that left him with brain injuries.  

While in the army, the camaraderie of bartending helped him recover not just physically but mentally. And after practicing his skills and learning cocktail recipes, he won several bartending competitions right after his discharge from the service. 

Years passed, and the field he never thought he would love became his profession and salvation. Aside from being a bartender and bar manager, he also became the co-owner of the Employees Only branch in Singapore. Moreover, he appeared in Douglas Tirola’s documentary Hey Bartender and made an appearance in HBO’s Got Your 6 Series on military veterans.

8. Dario Comini

Dario Comini pointing at a bartending tarpaulin

Dario Comini @dariocomini, known as Italy’s godfather of molecular mixology, has a long history and bartending roots. Comini owns and manages Nottingham Forest, a bar and restaurant with Caribbean-English-Italian fusion. 

Before taking over the business, the bar has existed since the 1970s and was operated by Dario’s father. Ten years later, he took over and made necessary adjustments.

Nottingham Forest is a cocktail bar where “experimental” drinks and the classics are readily available anytime. Dario’s love for bartending is heavily influenced by his father, whose advice involved bartending, psychology, and customer management. All of these, he remembers and practices until now.

9. Johnny & Neka

Johnny & Neka holding glasses of cocktails

Johnny Caldwell and Taneka Reaves, also known as Johnny & Neka @cocktailbandits, are the dynamic duos who promote female empowerment from a “feminine urban perspective” in the food and beverage industry. 

These skilled ladies express their love for bartending by sharing their recipes, the craftsmanship of other bartenders, and their events in the world of cocktails. 

Johnny & Neka have also been featured on Sirius XM Radio, NBC BLK, Metro UK, Style Me Pretty, Cuisine Noir Magazine, National PBS ‘Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking TV’, and ESSENCE Magazine.

10. Maksim Vishnivetskiy

Maksim Vishnivetskiy doing some tricks

Maksim Vishnivetskiy @m_vishnivetskiy is a gifted flair bartender from Ukraine who showcases his craft through his Instagram account. 

Maksim posts videos and photos of him playing with cocktail shakers and bottles using his hands, arms, and body. He would also excite the crowd during his tricks while still maintaining a flawless performance.


Aren’t these featured bartenders and mixologists so talented? Remember, you too can make a name for yourself with dedication and passion.

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